SH is improving but logos are not!

So… I am really upset about the quality of logos I get for my premium domains, 8 out of 10 logos I get are always very low quality. Ugly colors, no creativity, bad font…etc and on top of that it seems there is some weird trend of using dark background a lot! (from my experience as previous logo designers dark background does not work for all logo types and is usually suited for very limited types of logos)

SquadHelp has grown and improved a lot, but yet the quality of logos do not fit with the quality of the names, after all this is a highly curated marketplace, how can you explain the big gap in quality between the names and the logos?!!

seriously SH please start recruiting some talented logo designers, there are plenty of them out there. I am confident that good logos will for sure increase sales and improve STR for all of us.


DeepBlue, I totally agree with you and I am a logo designer with a 5/5 rating but can’t seem to snap up any logos. It’s sad to see generic and uncreative logos. Unfortunately the fee per logo is why there is no attractiveness for quality designers from around the world. I have argued this point but am not allowed to discuss here the dismal fee per logo. Maybe there should be a new recruitment system or a refresh. I would love to be able to showcase my 200+ logos I’ve designed here, so creatives could pick me if they like my style. Could there be a logo expert review system, like there is for domains?


wew! thanks for posting this! i second that!


I thought I was the only one :pleading_face: thank the lord.


I second that. Lately I got a logo which is JUST the font. Like someone created that because they had 7 seconds left to…


That was what happened to me too!!
…it looked like a five year old did it.


They / he really make logos in rush look at this logo I just received:

LOOOOOOL :joy: :joy: :joy:


The logo itself would be ok if it had been uploaded to the appropriate name. Too much rushing to complete assignments, imo. If highly rated designers could be given early access to logo assignments as Grant mentioned, I doubt this would happen.


Logos always seemed to be a hit or miss for me too, mostly miss in the past but now a bit better. This is because nowadays I give detailed or specific logo ideas for my premium names so that any decent designer can indeed finish the logo design to my satisfaction within 30-60 minutes. It helps to be a creative head for 20 years! :smiley: so i do understand why everyone can’t do this. Maybe do throw in an idea or two on premium name approval as many times designers do have creative fatigue or are just too overworked. I have always found my own designers more enthusiastic when I give them the specific idea that they can instantly visualize.


I will share my thoughts:

  1. Very often many domains do not have information, designers do not always understand to which industry the domain belongs (because there is no such field), so sometimes it is difficult to understand what to draw.
  2. It is even harder to understand if the name is abstract and there is also no information, for example: “Abelio”. Or there is an abstract name, the information is briefly added, and in the field, for the designer, it is written: “Create something calm, it would be fine”. This is not very good information for the designer and it does not facilitate the creation process, on the contrary. Please add more specifics. In fact, if there is no information or this information is very general and abstract, and when the designer creates a logo, in many cases, sellers put a rating of “Don’t like it”. And accordingly, due to the fact that the seller did not provide feedback and more specific information, the designer needs to redesign the logo, spend time, although this could have been avoided.
  3. For sellers, the team added a special field: “Feedback for the logo designer”, so that before creating the logo, the designer could read the wishes of the seller to immediately create a great result, so as not to redesign the logo.
  4. Even if you want to see a specific background, colors, etc. in your future logo, add this information (+ link if necessary) to the designer field. All designers will be very grateful to you, it will speed up the general understanding in which direction to move and in fact will allow receiving excellent result at once. And everyone will be happy :slight_smile:
  5. If the seller rates the logo, such as “Ok”, please add feedback, because all designers want to create a great result and want to get a “Like it” rating.
  6. Sometimes a logo was created, the seller rated it as “Don’t like it”, then added feedback, he just wanted to change the background color and font color, after the changes, the rating changed to “Like it”. These changes could have been avoided and time saved if the information in the designer field had been added before the logo was created.
  7. About 50-60% of sellers add a description, but it is more for buyers. And about 20-25% add feedback for the designer (which is very important to add), with their wishes, and so on.

We are doing one big thing, so let’s unite and help each other to achieve a cool result :slight_smile: Have a nice week :slight_smile:


@Roman.Lypovyi good points!
From now on I will add feedback for logo design in all my new domains.


Some ideas of how SH can help:
1- Hiring new designers and review their portfolios carefully before selecting them.

2- Giving designers with 5/5 rating more logo assignments to chose from, and limit number of logos that can picked by low rated designers

3- Increasing the payment designers get per logo to encourage better designs.

4- Giving bonus for logo designs that receive 5/5. The bonus can be extra % payment or points or coins.


Hello, @grant. I used to write in support, but I’m still duplicating. It would be great for designers to add these updates for convenience (these are just my thoughts).
It would be great:

  1. Add the industry to which the domain belongs.
  2. In the section “My completed logos” add a button (ask the seller to add feedback). If there was not enough information about the domain and the seller evaluated it “Don’t like it” or “Ok” and did not provide any comments after that, but the designer has a great desire to improve the logo so that the seller receives email notifications after the designer clicks to add feedback. Then the designer will be able to make changes and improve the evaluation of the logo + the seller will be satisfied.
  3. When the logo is evaluated, notifications on the site display that the logo has been evaluated. It would be great if notifications appeared when the seller added feedback to the logo. Sometimes it is not clear whether the seller just rated the logo or also added feedback. For example, Your logo design for the domain “DomainNameHere” received an “Ok” rating. Seller added feedback to your logo design - domain "DomainNameHere…
  4. The designer is given 48 hours to create and upload the logo. It would be great to add to the section “My assigned logos” to each domain (actually everything will depend on when the domain is added designer) how many hours are left to submit a logo (in descending order). For example, there are 10 hours left to submit this logo …1 hour left. So that the designer can orient how much time he has left, and so that he does not miss the deadline for submitting the logo.
  5. These two features may not be globally important, but I think they would be useful and convenient for designers + make support team easier, and save time writing messages:
  • We are all people and there are different life situations when you do not expect them. For example, a designer added 10 logos to create, 7 he created and uploaded, and suddenly urgently needed to go somewhere, or he began to feel bad (sick) and estimates that he will not have time to make them in deadlines. It would be great to add a close icon next to the domain in the section of “My Assigned Logos”, after clicking which these domains fall into the “Pending Logo Assignments”, and other designers will be able to add them to themselves at once.
  • If a designer is planning a vacation, and suddenly a seller wants some changes (logo redesign), or other minor changes for him, it would be great to probably add a window, where the designer can specify dates when he will be unavailable. and if suddenly during this period you need to make some changes for a seller, then reassign them to another designer (because the redesign is also given 48 hours). And the support immediately saw it in the system.



Bonus on domain sale maybe? I don’t know, I’m not a domainer, but idea came to mind.
Edit: Customers do purchase domain AND logo so that makes sense to me.


To the best of my knowledge, SH is just giving a token to marketplace logo designers… so what do you expect? trust me, pay enhances creativity… and moreover, logos for marketplace domain is just to give the domain a little edge.


I do add designer instructions to my names, but so far I don’t feel they are even being read. I have requested no white backgrounds on three separate occasions, and all three name had logos uploaded with white backgrounds. That’s a minor thing to alter, so why would a designer not respect that request?


Try to see my domain, such a beautiful logo and attractive color. :sob::sob: :pensive:


This is not acceptable SH. I suspect this logo was designed a long time ago. When i joined SH there was obviously a “designer” on here who like to create logos with very bright RGB colour backgrounds. They also picked colours that clash and this is a perfect example of that. Have you tried to review this for a redesign?


i did few times, but no response hehehehe. I think this time they will respon cause use that redesign feature.


Oh wow my eyes heart, I scrolled down fast but I still see green everywhere on my screen :joy: