SH from a CH Perspective

It’s often mentioned here that it’s hard to know what the SH experience is like on the CH’s side and I just came across this post from someone who tested out 4 different naming sites, SH included (we got 5 out of 5 stars–coolness!). Anyway, it’s pretty informative and shows what some of the CH dashboard looks like, and his experience with it. Squadhelp is the 2nd review down:


Very cool - thank you for sharing! @ArtsfarmStudio

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This is SUPER interesting! And BIG KUDOS to @LuckyDuck! That indeed was a great name!

I will add this: I have experience as a creative on 2 of the other platforms they reviewed. From a creative’s perspective, both are inferior to SH technologically, crowd-thinking wise and support wise. I never heard of the third one.

Thanks for posting this! I love great reviews of SH!

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Holy cow…as soon as I read the brief I remembered the contest and winning creative. Couldn’t quite remember the winning name but I knew it had hood in it. I participated in that contest. That was sooo long ago. Thank you for posting this, it’s very informative and I got a kick out of it because I remember it.

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@ArtsfarmStudio WOW! Thank you for sharing this. So very interesting and cool to see from the CH’s perspective. I feel so proud to be part of the Squad. And, congrats to @LuckyDuck for her great name.