SH: Can we talk about upping points?


I mentioned in another string that I thought it would be good if we received 500 points for marketplace sales (and hopefully backdated). But I was just reviewing points earned and the amount of points we receive for contest entry, likes and loves is so low that is now extremely difficult just to recoup one entry to the marketplace (costs 50 points for contestant owned for one) and 500 points for just one boost for one week.

Could SH review points and maybe up them?


Oh wow, i was thinking the same like few weeks ago, just havent said anything about it yet.


Nah. I’d just spend the extra points on cheap booze and cheap women.


Yes, there is such a need. Points are hard to earn and easy to spend. I also ask you to award points to creatives for each victory in the contest.


@Edukar we do get 100 points per victory.


Thank You. I meant that the number of points depended on the amount of the prize. For a victory of $100 contest prize creative will get 100 points, of $200 respectively 200 points and so on.