SH banner ads appear every time I'm online

It’s really obvious that SH has ramped up it’s online promotion of names in the marketplace. Almost every time I’m online (on a variety of websites) I have multiple SH banner ads pop up. This might sound like a good thing, but the concern for me is that most of the ads are for MY OWN NAMES! I really don’t want SH spending ad dollars trying to sell me my own names. The names that seem to have popped up the most are ones I have recently visited or tweaked the description. Has anyone else noticed this with SH pop up ads for their own names??

Yep, true, i noticed this as well!

It’s called retargeting.

SH doesn’t spend any money on these ads unless they’re clicked on.

I assume you’re not going to click through to your own names ?

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Thanks for that info, but no I don’t click on those ads (for the reason you mentioned). It just seems so odd to be followed around by these ads for my own names though. This has only recently happened to me so I figure it’s some uptick in the amount of the SH spend on ads. Don’t mind that at all…


Hahahaha I thought the same thing. I see my names though. So yes- false excitement unfortunately. :two_hearts::crossed_fingers: