Several Updates to Marketplace


Glad to see these developments @grant. I haven’t been able to get bad designs redesigned since the beginning. Even one with an error is not resolved since I reported it more than a month ago. Not sure if these will get reworked or not as there are no updates sent for these requests. I don’t understand why 1000 points need to be spent for badly designed logos at least. Some of these are frankly just not logos (letter in a circle types). Also since your staff seems so stretched and backlogged in this department can we please have a feature to submit our own logos maybe by paying with lesser points?? As I said earlier i do understand the reason you dont have this as an option yet but for naming creatives who are themselves established designers and you know will only send in original designs (with of course your design rules kept) you could open this up a bit?? We want our names sold and somehow I still feel bad logos are bringing down the appeal of many of my premium names. I would rather have no logo than these kinds, so is there a possibility of that feature at the least?? For example selecting a text font and background color for the brand name just showing up as a plain text logotype design.


I recently had several names approved for premium and I wanted to say that I am really enjoying the shift in logos. I can see the shift in my newest logos. I have been going through my logos and rating them. I can tell that the logo designers have noticed what I am loving.

@grant, I would like to give some broad, general feedback on marketplace logos that you can share. The best logos relate directly to the words. The font is large, the colors stand out and they come through really well on social media (that is the most important thing to me!) I have some logos that I actually do like a lot, but they are too dark, the font is too light and small and they don’t come through well on social media. I love unusual, bold fonts. (That’s probably too specific to me but it is because I imagine scanning a Twitter feed and seeing a POW) - but same for in the marketplace itself (maybe even more so). With so many logos to create, I imagine this is hard! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to rate them and convey what we want. Much appreciated!


@Grant - can you tell us why SH increased the point cost for regular boosts from 500 to 1000? The new point improvements don’t begin to touch an increase like that.