Several Updates to Marketplace


We have made several updates to the Marketplace that will further improve the experience for our Sellers:

1. Make Offer Feature

You can now switch some of your premium domains to a “Make Offer” feature. Learn more here:

2. More options for Logo Designs

You can now use Points, or Account credit to request redesign for your Marketplace Logos. Learn more here:

3. Ability to Rate Logos

Now you can rate Logos in the Marketplace to help improve the overall quality of your own Logos. Learn more here:

4. Ability to “Super Boost” a domain

You now have an additional option to boost your domain all the way to the top 3 pages of Marketplace. Learn more here:

Thanks for all your feedback in helping us improve our platform. Please continue to share additional feedback so that we can continue to offer a Best In Class experience to our seller community.


Hi @grant
I like the new options have a question…on the make an offer option: does this apply to the premium status only/or does it also apply to the whole sale status? Thanks!


For Squadhelp-owned domains, It’s difficult for me to turn on the "make on offer’ option with no context regarding how low the prices could go. I understand Squadhelp has the right to make that decision, but I would find it very hard to accept if a name sold and my commission was less than I could have earned through a basic contest. Seems like a great option for creative-owned domains, though.


Interesting updates. I’m also wondering about the Make An Offer feature for SH owned domains. Not sure I understood how it works. A client makes an offer for a SH owned domain. Do creatives get an option to negotiate or does it go to you guys and you decide? When you write that you “reserve the option to decide”, do you mean that after the creative accepted/declined/countered then you can step in? If that’s the case, it seems like that would be a weird experience for the buyer if an offer they made was declined and then SH will step in and tell them it was accepted. So please clarify how this process works for SH owned domains. Thanks.


@Moretal, I asked via the blue button when the Make an Offer option first appeared (before this post) and was told for SH owned domains the offers are accepted or declined solely by SH. I had hoped there would be some sort of minimum commission amount guarantee, but there isn’t.


@ALDaisy1 Oh, OK, cool. Thanks. Because the way it was phrased “Squadhelp reserves the option to decide” made it seem like the creatives could handle it first.


@Marye5 This feature does not impact the whole sale status. The whole sale buyers already have an option to contact the seller and make an offer.

@ALDaisy1 @moretal The pricing decisions for SH registered domains are managed by SH (there is no change in that aspect). Therefore, these offers for SH registered domains will be accepted or rejected by SH.

Even prior to this functionality, SH received several offers on many SH owned domains. We either accept or decline those offers on the merit of the offer itself and we typically never accept offers that are significantly below the selling price. The only difference with this additional feature is that it now hides the Buy It now price from potential buyers, and they would need to submit an explicit offer to inquire about the domain.

SH team will still apply the same rationale (as currently) to accept or decline the offers. In addition, this feature is designed to automatically reject offers that are significantly below the selling price.


@grant Thanks. You guys might want to change the wording there in the FAQ to simply say that SH will handle those inquiries. The current wording isn’t very clear. Anyway… I’m not sure yet about using make an offer but it’s good to have the option. Rock on.


Thanks, SH and @Grant! these are great!

I do want to bring up something I have mentioned previously but never received an answer about. Could SH please review the entire point system and give us more/better ways to earn points? 2500 points for 1 week of a boost is super super steep when we earn so few points for entering contests, etc. I “had” a ton of points which of course were never used, but now I can’t even replace the points I use for boosting through contest entries and I am sure there are many domainers here who don’t even enter contests.



How about adding a “Make offer” filter to a Marketplace “Sort by”? I believe the new feature deserves our customers’ attention and that it could increase the touchdowns.


I agree with Commulinks. I have long been asking SH team to review the award system. The SH invites domainers from the outside to the site, but has not provided for them with points rewards. For each domain sold SH need to pay as many points as crearive would have enough for super-boost promotion of another domain. That would be fair. And for each victory in the competition need to award points according to the award: for $ 100 a competition to charge 100 points, for $ 500 - 500 points.


These features of boosting domain using points are highly discouraging for newbies like me who have limited points and contest entries. If a newbie submits a better domain than the 100,000 point owners, still he/she will not have the privilege to bring the domain in the top list. I believe that boosting of any domain should be done by SH autonomously, indiscriminately and on a quality basis rather than on points.


In regards to rating logos, it would be nice if there was a place to go to just rate logos quickly and efficiently-- like a page that just had the logos and then the little rating faces below them, all on one page, rather than having to click on a listing, rate the logo, go back to the marketplace, click on another listing, rate the logo, etc. It would also be a good idea to create some incentive to rate logos-- like you get 1 point for every logo you rate-- to motivate people to actually do it. Otherwise, I think people are just going to rate their own logos and no one else’s, which won’t lead to you guys being able to collect any usable data on which logos need revamping.


Bisabog, I was thinking the same thing. Adding a ‘Make an offer’ in the ‘sort by’ section would help these domains stand out to those looking for domains where they have the option to negotiate a price.


Grant, I was also wondering if you had any suggestions as to what type of domains you feel would be better off with a ‘Make an offer’ as opposed to showing a price. Are there industry specific names that tend to have potential buyers who prefer to decide and negotiate their own price?.. names that are already priced higher, lower, long names, short names, professional, cute names, compound names, blended names, etc.? I am having trouble deciding which domain names would be advantageous to change from price displayed to ‘Make an offer.’


@Grant, I just realized that the Make an Offer option FAQ doesn’t tell us what happens if we enter the name into a contest. What does the CH see in that case and what would they pay for it? Can you tell us? Thanks!


I just noticed that a standard boost is now 1,000 points, not 500!!!
OMG, we are going backward here, Squadhelp!


Even when a domain is set to “make an offer” in the marketplace, the buy now price is still showing on our personal portfolio pages. Is that intentional?


Are the new Logo Design options in addition to or in place of the up to 5 monthly reviews we are currently allowed?
“More options for Logo Designs
You can now use Points, or Account credit to request redesign for your Marketplace Logos. Learn more here:”


@Grant, why can’t SH include Basic Plus listings in Make an Offer?