September Leaderboard

Hmm… looks like I’m showing up as No. 1? Nope… I don’t think so lol

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We are working on fixing this issue. Since we are changing the underlying criteria for this page, the information will likely continue to change during the next 24 hours. We will post an update when this page is corrected.


You won 2 contests, Front!

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Suggest you remove the Leaderboard until SH gets the ‘formula’ correct. If CH’s can view that, it’s pretty embarrassing since it really doesn’t make sense.


To add to Annie’s comment: I understand that SH wants the Leaderboard to reflect the highest producing/achieving contestants for that month. When we see contestants in the top tier with zero wins, it’s confusing, and when we don’t see our colleagues with multiple wins included, it’s even more confusing.

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But it looks better now!

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I made it to #11 on the Leaderboard for this month. Are you still giving out 1000 points to the top 25 people?

Thanks, Shane

@songslurp, Yes - the leaderboard has been modified with a more holistic logic. We will be issuing bonus 1000 points to all those users who have been newly added. You should receive those points later today.

Update: The changes to our Leaderboard are now complete, and we believe the current format more accurately represents the contributions of our best performing contestants.

We are also happy to announce that all users who are featured in the Top 25 Leaderboard will automatically be allowed to submit up to 25 entries per contest for the following month.

For example, September leaderboard users will be automatically eligible to submit 25 entries per contest throughout the month of October, and so on.

If you receive high ratings in a specific contest, you will still receive the additional 10 bonus entries.


Right now I can submit 30 names. Is this being lowered to 25??

Dan, I just checked, and now I’m only allowed to enter 25 entries instead of 30. How is this a benefit for being on the leader board, when I was allowed to have 30 before???

@songslurp, if you are allowed to submit 30 entries due to high 6 month ratings, you should continue to be allowed 30 entries, even if you are on leaderboard. We will look into why it is showing a 25 limit in your case.

Thank you, Dan. Yes, on the new Fashion Box contest I can only enter 25 now. If you are giving a “bonus” for being on the leaderboard, shouldn’t it be something additional like being allowed to enter up to 45 entries?

@songslurp, please check now. It should work correctly, based upon your original limits.

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Thanks, Dan. It looks like it is back to 30.

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Are we supposed to get 1000 bonus points for being on the leader board? I noticed I’m up there but no points??
Please clarify…Thx

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@Annie, the 1000 bonus points have now been added for the new users who were added to the leader board.


Thank you @Dan , I see them now.


I am still #11 on the Leaderboard, but my entries have been reduced back to 25. You had fixed the glitch a few weeks ago, but now, once again, I am limited to 25. Can you please let me know what is going on?

Thank you.


@songslurp, This is working correctly. Since your 6 month rating score is now below 20%, you can submit 20 max entries - however since you are on leaderboard, you are still able to submit 25. Once your score goes above 20%, you will again be able to submit upto 30 entries in a contest.