September Leaderboard

We are pleased to launch our leaderboard, which showcases the Top 25 contestants who earned most points in the month of September. ! Here is the link to the leaderboard:

All users featured in September’s leaderboard will also receive an additional 1000 bonus points. Congratulations!

As previously noted, we are continuing to assess the point system, and are committed to making any improvements that will ensure that our best users get recognized.

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Congrats to all. @ Dan, when do we receive points?

@Tammy, we have added the bonus points. You should see them in your account now.

although Bonus points to be fair, Should not count towards next months leaderboard consideration that should solely be via contest Stats for that month


I’m not convinced this is an accurate way to “judge” us as after reading all the info attached on them. I see a lot of names that are missing that give it their all every month. And some that have no wins and are hardly participating but more points than those with wins. Not sure if that makes sense but maybe some that are deserving have less points because they enter more. Not sure trying hard should be held against them.


@seezall, you are correct. We will not count bonus points in leaderboard selection.

@Tammy, this is one of many ways to recognize people who are contributing. While we certainly want to continue to celebrate the contest winners, this specific leaderboard is to recognize those who earn most points. We will further adjust the system to ensure that the contributions of all deserving contestants are recognized.

We will also be adding a similar leaderboard based on contest wins - to recognize those who are winning most contests (regardless of the points earned).

It might be fairer not to count all the points collected by entering a contest (40) but than they don’t participate.

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@Dan At a glance something doesn’t seem right.

Here’s a mock example:

1111 Points randomuser1234

Last Month Stats
Contests Participated: 0
Contests Won: 0
Entries Submitted: 4
Contest Won vs Participated % : 0%
Number of Submissions per Win : 0
High Rated Entries : 0

@Front, we are looking into this. There seems to be a glitch in showing the additional details (when you hover on a user). We will fix this ASAP.

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FYI. We have fixed the display issue.


The most interesting stat for me was that the contestant shown in first place didn’t win during September.
Another contestant who joined SH earlier this year and already has one of the highest winning percentages on SH along with two wins in September isn’t on the leaderboard.


In some of the listings, I couldn’t quite make sense of the correlation between points and stats.


There’s so much focus on points now I know for me it takes away from my naming process. There should be a big boot button where the CH can click for “your out” on any nonsense names and just block that namer from the contest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the extra points from the leaderboard but viewing it, it makes no sense to me.

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I agree with the feedback that the current leaderboard does not provide a holistic view of contestant’s contributions, and leaves out some contestants who deserve to be recognized. We have noted this feedback and are working on making some changes to the leaderboard which is based on a combination of factors such as high rated entries and number of wins.


Thanks for listening and working with us. You better hurry though if you plan on taking back points with a new leaderboard, at the rate I’m going mine will be long gone with the staggering amount of 2’s being given. :scream:


@Tammy, we don’t intend to take back any bonus points that have already been issued even if we update the leaderboard.

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I was kidding, lol!!

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My September win has disappeared! I won the eco car wash contest during September. The Leaderboard had credited me with one win and now says that I have none! Maybe there was some confusion because my next win was on October 1?

Maybe their working on it? As all my wins disappeared.

Ohhh and new faces there! Well deserving ones at that.