Separate Forums?

Anyone else wish there were separate forums for CH and Creatives? Some of these posts feel like the virtual equivalent of meeting up with your coworkers for a beer and vent after a long day of orange faces. I’m not sure customers should be coming to the “bar” and hearing us voice our concerns/frustrations/ideas about the goings-ons of SH.

At very least certain categories shouldn’t be seen by anyone but creatives. What do you guys think about this?


Not sure about this. But I don’t know if it would work too well because we have had instances where CHs have become creatives and creatives have become CHs.

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Hi @ScoutFinch,

That is what the ‘SeniorLounge’ was set up for. A place for creatives to discuss and vent. I"m not sure about now, but it use to be that CHs didn’t have access to it


I think anyone using SH should be welcome on the forum. I think the seniors lounge was set up for creatives only?

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I don’t think all creatives have access to the Senior Lounge and most people who can do that, don’t. SH admins don’t post there and that’s where the majority of conversations get going…

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What is the Senior Lounge?


We can’t tell you…


Just kidding…it is the senior members forum where we can discuss things without outside eyes seeing what we discuss. I don’t remember what you need to be “invited” into it. Try clicking above at the categories here and look for the Seniors Members Lounge- you will see a “lock” icon next to it, but click anyway and see if it lets you log in. Looks like there have been ZERO posts there since September.


LOL Jackie! First rule of the senior lounge…

No one talks about the senior lounge. :skull::skull::skull:


It sounds as if should dust the place off and reopen it!


Christy- To be a eligible for the Senior forum is to post a certain amount of posts here in the forum. I don’t remember how many or if it was ever disclosed but it’s not hard too.

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Thanks @LauraE :relaxed: I have been there for awhile.

I was there, but with not getting on the forums for awhile, I’m not considered a senior member any longer. I don’t know if I could still post there or not. I can still see all of the posts there and such and it does offer me the option of replying to any of them but not sure if it will let me. Also I think SH has slowed on the awarding of merits on the forum because there has been a few benchmark goals that I should have gotten badges for, but haven’t and it seems like most badges haven’t been awarded in months, but I could be wrong, just what I have noticed.


Hey RW
I see the senior lounge as well.I’ve not ever replied(that I can recall)to anything.As far as badges are you talking about in the forum or our home page? Here I have often gained a badge then later it’s gone and then it’s back again.Makes me head,lol.


I’m talking about on here (the forum). I’ve earned a few more, technically, that I haven’t been awarded and then I lost senior member (aka ‘regular’) when I was gone for awhile. As for the badges, though, I think they paused on the awarding of them, but I could be wrong, it just looks like no one has earned any recently at least. But, I also haven’t looked at every single one. Not that it’s a big deal, but just something I had noticed.

Edit: I just looked and there are now only 8 regulars other than those that are staff/admin

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