Sending private messages to creatives

Is it possible to send a private message to a creative members or just a message in general without making a specific post on the forum

Doh sorry just figured it out? Not yet allowed :frowning:

Sorry @Front I cannot message you yet so I have to do so here. Regarding your post on
Technology Service Provider Needs A Company/Brand Name
I’m I missing something as I cannot see a company name on their brief?

@Demiurge In “About Business” it says “leading IT service provider”, so probably already have a name in use.

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@front Ok thanks I thought you were able to see their actual name. Sorry for posting here.

It’s ok, I don’t mind. :slight_smile: Better here than private message, I don’t check that often, probably find out you sent me one after 12 hours lol

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Okay cool in the gang