Sell-through % (12 month)


Hi Everyone!
I am new here and i wanted to know if someone could clarify this doubt.
Sell-through % (12 month) is now at 15.16%, that would mean if i got a 100 names portfolio in a timeframe of 12 months i should sell 15 names.

But its a price related metrics?

Does this metrics is price relevant?




That sell through rate is for the LAST 12 months, not the next 12 months. 12 months ago the domain marketplace had less than 5,000 names, it now has more than 30,000 names which is why the sell through rate is dropping almost daily. SH sell names, they are probably selling more names than ever before, but there are more names for the buyer to choose from and more names being added daily, you need to take this into account.

The sell through rate for the LAST 6 months is currently at 7.44%. If everything remains the same (amount of names added, amount of buyers etc), then you could guestimate that the sell through rate for the NEXT 6 months will be 3.6%. So, if you magically had 100 names approved today, and your personal sales rate was average, you could expect to sell 2 or 3 (3.6% next six months, 1.7% six months after) names in the next year.

Hope that helps!


Wow sure it helps!
The clearest invitation to abandon the platform :slight_smile:

Joke :slight_smile:


Don’t abandon the platform, SH is great, there are other advantages other than just the marketplace, you should try the contests too!

I hope I haven’t put you off, I was just using SH figures to give you the calculation you wanted to know, and your expectations were “a little” different to the reality. You can improve on that yourself by promoting your names, emailing prospective buyers, reaching out to marketing companies, making connections on linkedin etc, that’s what I do.


Well, that explains a lot about where I am at these days. I had no idea there were already over 30K names on SH. I left another platform that had 50K because my names got so little attention. And I haven’t sold anything here since May. Then again, I have sold 2 names on another platform with probably hundreds of thousands of names while I haven’t sold on SH so maybe the number of names matters less… I dunno. I just need sales.