Select All + Delete?

Hello. I was wondering is SH would consider adding a select all + delete feature to our contest entries. I know when a contest is a lost cause for me which is most of the time, I want to delete everything at once. If not it’s no biggie, but it would be a nice added feature.

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Don’t delete!! I repeat Don’t delete!

Save them for another time, what won’t work in one contest, might work in another. You may want to tweak your names for later use, or add a word to them ect, but don’t delete them…

BTW- I saw you trending in a contest. Please don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone here is feeling the effects of CHs delivering 2 stars on good names…


Thanks Laura for the advice. Although I already deleted some entries, I didn’t delete everything. I’ll keep a written note of the entries I liked for future use. It is just so disheartening to think you are on the right track only to be downgraded with no explanation as to why. I feel like I’m just taking stabs in the dark with most of these clients and nothing is finding it’s mark. But I won’t give up. Not just yet. Thanks again for your advice.


you have to realize that a lot of these chs dont have good taste lol


lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh Jose, you are so spot on with that! Haha!

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I think we should all take Jose’s wisdom to heart!

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sounds dangerous bulk deleting - I have accidently deleted a trending name before now- and they didnt like it when I re entered it lol


Speaking of deleting, some time ago, and at ‘that other place’, I submitted a name with with ‘ticker’ in it to a similar marketing alert contest. Despite my high expectations, it was rejected. I didn’t save it, in fact, deleted it. I wish I didn’t. I can’t remember it either. Oh well, we live and learn…

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tkpro72, I’m glad you spoke up and said something about this, cause I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but keep forgetting to speak about it or even ask SH if they can add this feature. Thank you once again. George.