"Seen by CH" Status

We are happy to announce a new feature where you will be able to see which of your submitted entries have been seen by the CH. You may see many entries as “Not yet seen” for today and tomorrow however, once the CH logs into the contest, this status will automatically correct and will start showing a more accurate view.


Woohoo @Admin,Takes so much guess work out and many more comments on that matter


Love it!!! Great feature that has been very much needed!


Great addition team.

Might be interesting to have an indicator as to whether the CH has read the comments left on an entry as well.

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this is very useful - thank you

Hello, I’m new to Squadhelp. I’m wondering why so many of my entries have been “Seen by CH” but not rated? Is this normal?


I think most of us are having the same issue. It can be fairly common. Right now it seems there are a few contests where our entries are being viewed without any ratings. The stars next to the contest holders name, tell you how involved they are being. There are a few with just two stars, meaning they are not actively participating. It’s a bummer, but it happens.


I’m not sure when to delete my entries. For instance, delivery-app guy has 409 entries submitted, all of mine have been seen and not rated, as I suspect others are, and he’s rated only 7 entries! Does that mean he just rates the ones he thinks have a shot, and disregards the rest? Does it mean I can go in delete, since he’s seen and hasn’t rated? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? What’s the point of living.

LOL - Calm down Laurelana - It’s not a life or death issue, Honey. :grinning:

It’s okay Laurelana. It’s likely that the client is just rating the entries that interest him. If he has seen the entries and left them unrated it’s probably because they weren’t what he was looking for. It doesn’t mean they are bad just not a good fit for him. To save some time some clients use the “only rate what I like” method. It’s not unusual. Relax. It’s all good.


Dear Laurelana,

in the long run, it’s better to be seen and unrated than downgraded.

Hey now, there’s a sentence I can understand from the great Vision. Woohoo!