Seems to be a problem with best entries

I didnt see any of the contests that have recently been awarded - when I looked it only showed one contest which I entered ? ??

are there any at the moment to do ?

Think now they are sending emails instead of forum announcements Jose, I every few days now check the contests that are getting close in case I missed email

I used the tools to look , but only one showed which I did, I also only got an e mail for that one

not that my entries were much good but I would have liked the opportunity to have them dismissed

OK I got 5-6 emails I also look at comments section on old contests

dont know where the others went but I only got one email and only entered one name in that contest lol

@Jose, now we are communicating about the best entry nominations only via email. Could you check your bulk/junk folder to see if the emails ended up there? We will also check our system logs to make sure emails are being sent properly.

nothing in junk - gmail tends to delete most of my junk I think , as I dont get a lot

Isnt it easier just to post here rather than sending out a load of emails ?

Hmmmm, I haven’t received any “Best Entry” notification emails either. :confused:

I do get the “Winning Entry” emails, however. :eyes:

@Jose, we have checked our outgoing email logs, and we found 5 emails were sent to your email address on Dec 31. Please search your gmail for subject title: Best Entry Nomination Reminder. We can send you additional details via private message, if you would need that to follow up with Gmail support team.

@AlwriteyThen, we will check your information as well.

We have switched to email notifications because many users do not access forum every day, and several new contestants are not aware of the forum. Sending an email ensures that everyone has an opportunity to mark their best entry.

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@dan could it have anything to do with notification settings here? here’s how I’m set


If it was an issue with notification settings, the email logs would not show those 5 emails going out to that email address. We are pulling the email delivery status for @Jose and @AlwriteyThen to determine if there is any other issue with the delivery of email. Our email provider keeps track of successful delivery information and open receipts (in case they were opened by recipient) so we should be able to determine if there is any issue with delivery.


ah I have nothing ticked on mine as didnt particularly want notifications of winners , I only look at e mails about once a week. There is nothing in trash or junk at the moment, maybe I deleted them thinking they were winner notifications or maybe I need to tick something.

I find it easier just to go into the forum personally

just found the repping one in the trash ,it was a reminder not the original

We were able to confirm that the emails were successfully delivered. Maybe they were accidentally deleted or overlooked. Attaching the logs below ( we have hidden the email addresses for privacy). You might want to setup a rule in Gmail, to star or flag these emails so that they don’t get accidentally overlooked. You can use the guide below to setup rules in Gmail (for any email which matches a subject: Best Entry Nomination Reminder)

Email log for @AlwriteyThen

Email log for @Jose

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Hmmmm, don’t know why I didn’t see these - Really weird.

Anyway, thanks for checking, Dan. :kiss:

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You may want to check your anti virus fire-wall protection, since one of the SH emails sent within the last couple of weeks didn’t pass the control on the receiving end of my non-gmail server due to its content being deemed unsafe. The email did the vanishing act in the process of being opened, and couldn’t be recovered as it failed to end up in any other folders.

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Thanks Vizzy, I’ll check it out. :thumbsup:

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furnishings contest went straight to trash again

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got the bug one - are there any more ?, I also got one on the 31st but had already done best entry in that one