Seeking сlоud brоkеrs. Matching SH brоkеr payments + other cash incentives

Inspired by ВrаndАrrау, I would also like to invite сlоud brоkеrs to work with me.

I appreciate the value of a good broker so for domains that I own (not SH-regged domains), I am excited to match SH’s generous сlоud brоkеr incentives:

For any sales that are generated within 30 days of clicking the unique link, SH will pay 15% commission to the Cloud Brоkеr (max $1000 per sale).

If the domain was submitted to a contest by the Cloud Brоkеr, and is selected as the winner, the cloud brоkеr will receive the full contest award. If the domain is also purchased by the contest holder, the cloud brоkеr will receive the greater of contest award amount or 15% commission (max $1000).

Suppose you sell one of my domains through the cloud broker program at $2199.

SH will compensate you at least 15% ($329.85)
I will match SH’s commission and give you 15% ($329.85)
Your profit from this sale will be at least 30% ($659.70)

This is more than you would earn from selling a Squadhelp-owned domain in your own portfolio!

I will also compensate you generously for:

  • Contest likes :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Contest loves :smiley:

Please send me a brief message with a link to your Squadhelp profile for details.

Let’s succeed together :beers:

Fine print:

  • This offer does not apply to SH-regged domains in my account
  • While SH’s сlоud brоkеr commission can exceed 15% (depending on contest award amount), my commission offer to you is constant at 15% of the sale price. Through a сlоud brоkеr sale, you would receive a minimum of 30% of the sale price from me and SH combined.