Seeing our actual NAMES entered, not contests entered

How about we get the ability to see a list of our actual names we submitted on contests. Not a list of the contests, but the names.
I already asked about this once, but never got a response. see…Listing of Past Contests

Currently your only suggestion was to sort through all our past contests, open every contest to see every entry…very very time consuming. We used to have this feature before the update.

I would like the ability to simply follow up on checking on any domain registries on my names.


we used to have this - you could search for all your 5 rated etc


@Annie, already working on this. Since we have several things being developed, its taking some extra time but we will add it soon. Some contestants have large amount of entries so we want to build a way to easily see their top rated submissions, plus an ability to search for other entries.

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Thanks for working on it, will wait for the announcement then!