Sedo, Afternic, Dan syndication

I was waiting to see some improvements in regards to syndication to Sedo and Afternic, but unfortunately what I can see is simply a huge mess.

Firstly, I noticed that once some of my names is approved for premium and I delete the name from Sedo, it takes SH weeks (or even months) to upload the name back on Sedo through their own account. I don’t see the point in leaving names ‘hidden’ outside of Sedo for so long. It’s not good for sellers, and it’s surely not beneficial for SH either. The only improvement I saw was that prices on Sedo are now always higher than prices on SH - something I suggested months ago as the only normal way. Back then I was hated and even reported by a few creatives in the forum (I won’t mention names: they know who they are), and @grant said back then that SH didn’t mind covering Sedo commissions from their own pocket (which I found bizarre, but anyway.) I am glad they got more reasonable in the end. What I have been wondering recently though is whether my names listed through SH account on Sedo are getting the same exposure as they were getting before. @grant Are premium names listed on Sedo through SH account included in Sedo MLS?

Afternic (GoDaddy + Uniregistry) - Why don’t you do the same with Afternic, you are doing with Sedo? Why don’t you just ask sellers to delete their names from there, and list from your own account at higher price? Why it has to be so complicated? Constantly reminding sellers to keep prices higher on Afternic is just crazy. Collecting coins for Afternic authorization is a very poor decision too. Afternic syndication is a mess!

Dan! You don’t want to list on Dan, I understand. Even when their commissions are twice lower than Sedo and Afternic commissions. And syndication to Dan would be much easier and smoother. Just for your information is full of domain names that are premium on SH anyway. Lots of sellers simply don’t bother to delete them from there. Think seriously about listing the whole premium portfolio on Dan through a SH account. It will only make things better.


Up till now Afternic hasn’t allowed marketplaces to list domains on behalf of sellers. It’s against their terms of service and they have been very clear about that. There have been some discussions by at least 3 marketplaces with them about this issue. It might happen in the future, but you’re barking up the wrong tree with that because the problem is Afternic, not SH not wanting to do it. At least SH allows sellers to list domains from their own accounts. Also, is cool but they don’t really generate much traffic when domains aren’t pointed to their landers. Not that I’m against being able to list there too, but their reach isn’t as big as Sedo’s, at least for the time being.


I completely agree. The same domain allocation mechanism as for Sedo is needed for Afternic and Dan. This is the only way to ensure order. In addition, not everyone is comfortable navigating websites and manually changing domain prices. Chiefs from Afternic hypocritically closed access to visitors from my country. So we can buy domains on Goudaddy, but we can’t sell them on their domain markeplace? I had to use anonymizers to edit my domains there. But let’s not get distracted. Anton, your suggestions are very sensible, I hope the SH team will draw conclusions.


@moretal I agree that Dan is a bit pointless if your domain name is not pointed at their name-servers. Nobody really goes to search names on their site through their search bar. But since sellers keep listing their premium names for sale on Dan (which is of course a violation of the terms), is it not better for SH to list them from their own account? It’s more about order than anything else. In regards to Afternic, I didn’t know that the problem was actually Afternic and their rules. But you should agree that what we have now is really messy.


Regarding if SH can reach an agreement with them, then sure- why not. It may prove to be more beneficial in the future since has entered 2.0 mode and apparently has some big plans ahead. Regarding Afternic, the current situation certainly isn’t ideal. But Afternic is 100% responsible. SH already discussed this matter in this forum in length (if you search old posts, you should be able to find it), and this has also been discussed regarding other marketplaces as well many times in slack groups and NamePros. There was recently a beta test another marketplace did with Afternic syndication but that test stopped after some sellers were annoyed that only a few sellers were included. I’m not sure if the listings there were from the marketplace’s account or from seller accounts and what’s going to happen going forward. But again, it’s all up to Afternic and it’s better to have messy syndication than no syndication at all.


@moretal I am not advocating for Dan at all. Don’t get me wrong. I am quite disappointed of them to be fair. They only rely on their landing pages and don’t invest in advertising at all. SEO optimization of their landers is more than poor. Even with the new version they’re still going into the wrong direction, as they seem to think that graphic design is the only important thing to work on. Surely Dan looks nice, but that’s all. Even if you list a really good name there, you will get zero visits if nameservers are pointed elsewhere. They rely on pure luck. And they are more an escrow than a marketplace. Most sales that occur there are outbound sales. But it still feels unfair that I always delete my premium listings from Dan, while other sellers don’t. And at the same time the other day SH delisted one of my premium names a few hours after it was approved for premium because of an old tweet on Twitter that was offering the name for sale on Dan. How is this fair?
Anyway, do you know anything about Sedo MLS? Are the names listed by SH on Sedo included in it?

I don’t know if Sedo MLS is activated for SH domains or not. But regarding the matter you described with SH taking weeks adding Sedo listings after you delete names from Sedo- SH has a ‘Failed Sedo Sync’ option in the dropdown menu. You can go there and click on ‘Retry Sedo Sync’ for names that previously failed the sync option. Maybe that will help.

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It won’t help. The “Failed Sedo Syndication” option only appears after some looong time, not straight away. I got approved for premium yesterday, and I deleted it from Sedo. I will keep checking on Sedo to see how long will take for SH to add the name back. I can guess more than a month. Once I know the exact time I will share it here.

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