Searchable basic plus names cannot be submitted to Contests by others

@grant Why is that please? Sorry to ask publicly but I’m yet to get an answer that I can understand.

A premium name commission is 30%
A searchable basic plus name commission is 25%

All searchable basic plus names are listed below premium names in the marketplace and don’t get the same level of advertising. A fair trade off for the commission difference.

Creatives are led to a “Premium Domains Eligible for Contest Submission” marketplace here:

I find it infuriating when I find a perfect name that I can’t submit to a contest because it is a searchable basic plus name that is not mine.

I find it infuriating that someone cannot enter contests with my basic plus searchable names.

The title of the marketplace is clear “Premium Domains Eligible for Contest Submission”… yet they are not.



Able, I fully support. In my opinion, they need to do so, if the domains are listed here, any creative can suggest them in contests. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem team have not been able to solve for many days, namely, not all of my basic plus domains that are have SH DNS are displayed in my portfolio. These domains do not seem to exist: 0)


Bummer! They are usually pretty quick at fixing things though so I’m sure they will work it out.


I hope so too. But coming back to our question, I’d love it if creatives offered ALL of my domains listed here. It would be good for everyone - the team that gets their percentage, the creative - who receives the contest fee and the domainer (even if the domain will not bought, additional advertising will be provided)


Have to agree with Able here that Basic Plus names are taking a heavy penalty in exchange for a 5% discount on the commission.

  • 90% of them do not appear in an SH marketplace search.
  • These listings are not included in any advertising or retargeting campaigns
  • These listings are not eligible for Boosting feature (or Super Boost).
  • These listings are not eligible for Installment payments
  • These listings do not receive a complimentary Logo Design
  • For the 10% that are searchable they rank below other comparable premium listings in the Marketplace.
    Please AT LEAST allow them to be submitted to contests, universally, across the board.

Thanks for your feedback. We are re-evaluating our Basic Plus and Basic offerings, and will likely be making some additional changes to simplify different levels. We expect to announce further updates in the next few weeks.


@grant not that I’m being impatient or anything…

oh no, wait… it IS because I’m being impatient :smiley:

Any update on this please?

Many thanks.


We have now added the ability for Searchable Basic Plus domains to be submitted to contests by other creatives.

However as indicated previously, we are re-evaluating the Basic & Basic Plus listings and will be announcing further changes in the future based upon our learnings from the White Label Beta.


Wahay, thank you!

Anyone else get this feeling when SH says it is re-evaluating something?..


Each stick has two ends. If well-promoted basic plus domains are no longer visible to the SH market, it will be a tragedy for me. I sincerely hope that the revaluation will affect the non-visible basic plus domains, which will become premium, and not vice versa: 0)