Search is broken on WLM

When I enter a word in the search box on I get all domains - not domains that include that word or phrase.

For example I have a bunch of Medicare domains that are popular right now. When someone searches for “medicare” all sorts of random domains show up - but not my medicare domains.

Can someone fix this?

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yes they need to fix this.

If you don’t already know, then you need to understand how classification works. Read Domain Classification Best Practices here:

I briefly flicked around your site and couldn’t find one name that had “Medicare” in a names description, categories or keywords. The search function can’t find something you haven’t told it.

If you do have a name (or names) with the term “Medicare” that is not showing up, then you could BB that name to SH explaining that it doesn’t show up so they can look into it further.

Yes it is broken indeed, and the search is broken on, too.

For example enter the word “home”, then by default it says that the results are sorted by relevance. But it is not true, because if you set the sorting option to “most popular”, now you will see the most relevant search results.

Are the standard listings included in WLM or not? When I visit the WLM homepage and I click on All domains, then first it displays: “79731 results”. Then I click again on the All domains button, now it displays: “310949 results”.

I think the “310949 results” means that both premium and standard listings are there. But I can never find a standard listing on WLM. So why does it display “310949 results”?

And yes the WLM search function is not great, I have to select the “most popular” sorting option to see the most relevant search results.

And sometimes the pagination of the search results doesn’t work either.

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If the word “Medicare” is in the actual domain name then a search for “medicare” should uncover that name. Why would I have to put it in the description???