Search and don't give up

Dear SH team! I want to congratulate all of you that most of the domainers over the past couple of years have given preference to the Squadhelp marketplace! Despite the high commission compared to other markets, the SH does a lot to promote domains. Squadhelp have a lot of advantages for domain sales. But there is one big problem that concerns the search for domains by clients. For several years, the issue of poorly implemented domain search has been raised here. If a client wants to buy a domain that contains the root ‘Finance’, he will not be able to do it quickly and will most likely be disappointed and leave. Because by typing Finance when searching, the client will receive more than 18 thousand domains, of which he will see only 1000 (10 pages of 100 domains). In this thousand domains there will be a maximum of 30 words with the root Finance. Why? Because the exact search is not implemented in the SH marketplace The client will get a bunch of mediated domains. Your team can solve this problem by entering an exact search, which is designated as a Root search. The market should appeal not only to domainers, but also to domain buyers. There are practically no clients who live by the principle of ‘Searching and not Giving up’. In our technocratic age, the buyer will not waste hours of his life and will prefer to search in other places. I hope the exact search will be implemented on the market in the near future, because this problem has been overdue for a long time and needs to be solved.

And more. If from a large number of clients there is still someone who is willing to spend a lot of time searching for the right domain, he will not be able to do this, because the search is limited to 1000. I kindly ask you to remove this restriction and give all domains a chance to be seen and found!



Show me. please, how.
I type Finance and get more 18000 domaons without this word.
I tried type “Finance” and get the same result

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OK. Thank you very much.

Indeed, this has already been implemented. I didn’t notice it before. It’s just that this function opens immediately after the initial search and at first they don’t notice it. I would like the search not to be limited to 10 pages, but to be expanded a little more.
But this is another big plus for the SH domain marketplace!

I want to express my gratitude to the SH team for making the platform better and better!


I drew attention to this issue a month ago. The new feature is a great improvement of domain search by the keyword, so I also appreciate SH made this change. Thanks, SH!