Screening Requirements - New Creatives


Thank you for your reply. It is my understanding that in order to sell a domain that I have created, I would need to actually own it. Is that correct? In other words, I would need to buy it.


No, you don’t have to own the domain yourself. You would submit the name using the red “Submit an Unregistered Domain” button. Click on Marketplace, and choose “My Listings” from the dropdown menu.


Thank you for the reply. Seeing as I don’t really know which one would be good to sell, maybe I should hold off for a while. I don’t want to upset them by submitting a lot of bad ones. Is there a certain limit number they can be submitted?


Mike, you have specific individual entry limits for you but whenever you get a like or love on a name, your entry limits are lifted. There isn’t a limit on submitting a single name to several contests but if you are finding that nobody likes it, move on. If you are referring to the marketplace, definitely submit your names that are getting high ratings.


@MikeLandau In the meantime, you might want to peruse Squadhelp’s naming tutorials (found under “Names” within the “Explore” section), and take a look at the names that have won contests and those that have been OK’d forMarketplace (the ones with the “For Sale” label).

IMO, getting a name approved for Marketplace sale (and someone correct me if I’m wrong here) undergoes a significantly more critical vetting process — and IMO, quite often to a personally maddening/frustrating extreme.

Knowing that you’ll need a big boat of patience and an even bigger boat of persistence in the first place to do this thing helps a whole lot. There’s a LOT of rejection and near misses involved.


Hi I’m a new creative and I just started joining contests assigned to me but as I was about to enter my submissions in another contests this message appeared

“Looks like your account needs authorization in order to participate in naming contests. Please make sure to participate in Screening Contests so that our team can review your submissions.”

I dunno what to do. Can anyone please explain this to me?:grin: @Grant perhaps?


The best thing to do to get a faster answer is to use the blue bubble in the bottom right of the screen when you are in the main site (where the contests are). Someone else just said the same thing in another string on the forum so there must be a glitch.


@Commulinks Thank you so much it helped a lot.:blush:


Yeah, I felt this way too. There are some niches that I probably wouldn’t spend as much time on in the real contests.


I recently submitted my screener contests and got rejected, but that’s ok, I am a newb at this and will get better over time. I already have one of my own domains approved on Marketplace, so that is a positive. I was wondering if there can be a second chance program for us persistent, never take NO for an answer types? I was Navy Intelligence, so there is hope for me to get very efficient at this, one thing that doesn’t intimidate me is a learning curve. Is there a Mentoring program? A referral or sponsor program to get to be a creative? Maybe if I sell enough on the Marketplace, I can earn my way into naming contests?


Was an email sent stating that you were rejected?