Screening Requirements - New Creatives


Hi everyone so glad to be apart of the SH community. I’ve completed my 10 and have received approval. . .Yeah! I was assigned 5 contests but unfortunately the first 4 were closed and the last was for a logo (I’m doing just names to start). Will I be receiving more “assigned” contest opportunities? Thanks in advance for your reply.


I think this is a good idea. Granted, not everyone has a massive winning-streak talent from the get-go for this sort of thing (it’s more of a patience/learning curve/refinement sort of thing, in my experience), but it’s possible to see if someone’s got the basic knack or not stepping into it as far as basic naming quality. That’s where I think the new screening requirement helps both the CH’ers and SH overall inasfar as overall quality.


Unless you have a talent/ability to be productive on this site to a decent extent, you really have no real footing or basis to be a “reviewer” of this site.


FSpiderMatt: There’s one other notable naming site out there that’s mentioned in articles about making money from home. Try your hand there, but the arena is a bit more brutal than it is here :slight_smile:


Hope you are not talking about Cr*pSpring (not the real name, just how I see them), I have 2 years old contests there (not kidding, one is March 2017) where I am the only high rated participant and they refuse to complete them. Payment wait time is 1+ months if the contest is completed, and that’s a big if, only around 10% of contests are guaranteed. If you are awarded an abandoned contest you can’t request money for a month, and then another 1+ months to receive the payment… Only upside - they don’t take 10% withdrawal fee, but I gladly pay those 10% for the quality service we get on SH. If you’re talking about some other website please let me know, I’ll google around to try and find it :slight_smile:

While I’m at it - after my final win on that website, maybe 2 months ago, I requested them to complete old contests so I can deactivate my account. They deactivated my account but old contests are still not awarded, and it was after dozen of exchanged emails that they told me - “We will complete those contests, but your high rating does not guarantee you’ll receive an award, our team of “experts” selects the winner in abandoned contests.”

SH rules crowd sourced naming industry, then 10 empty spaces, then everyone else.


There is also a site called N*****Force that is fairly popular. Its nowhere near as good as SH but they do have an awesome payout policy. Payouts for winning contest is instant. Literally by the time you get the email saying that you have won the money is already in your account. They don’t take fees either. At least that was how it was when I participated there a few years ago. I also agree with you about CS. I used to participate there too years ago. It was fine for a while but it seems the quality of the site has steadily declined over the years. I had a horrible experience there and ended up getting into a heated argument with one of their team. I left permanently 2 years or so ago. From what you have said it seems they haven’t improved at all since I left.


1No, it was in reference to another site, where other creatives vote on your submissions, and your names get graded during a Voting period — as well as the Contest Client telling your name/s to buzz off even earlier than that. That’s where you get an even more brutal assessment of your naming ability, more or less, and perhaps how to improve your own process.

And the way I see it, SH is more than simply just a “name it” site. The forum here as well as the general messaging feature available on all contests provide great feedback from both other Creatives and CH’ers.

So really, SpiderMatt is a bit off his nut talking about SH.


Sounds like the same site I just mentioned. That was kind of a pain having to rate others entries in exchange for being allowed to submit more entries. It felt like a tedious part time job for which there was no compensation.


DThat’s one of the best parts about SH — the “on the right track” thing at least gives you some indication if you’re going in some kind of a good direction. There’s no input whatsoever at the other site (which I do participate in). And quite frankly, I am at the level where I can vote,and quite frankly, 98%+ of the names I’m asked to choose from I just SMH at that they’ve actually gone as far as they have.

Yup, it’s a slog most times over there.


@ChristianQC & @ICreate4U

Welcome to SH!

The account review may take 3-5 days (it can sometimes be longer depending upon the backlog). We are only approving limited number of accounts per day to ensure that the CH’s do not get overwhelmed with too many submissions.

If your account is already approved, you should be receiving new assigned contests daily. Once you accumulate some high ratings in the assigned contests, you will automatically receive full access to the platform.

Good luck!


So, can you tell me when to expect to approve new members (open slots)? I’m done with the contests but unfortunately i have a message: “Unfortunately, due to extremely high volume of registrations, we are unable to authorize your account at this time. Our contest holders can only work with a max of 100 creatives at a time, and we currently do not have any open…”



There is a video out there that makes this site sound extremely easier than it is. Frankly, I don’t think I’m going to get past the screener contests. Which won’t be such a tragedy because there probably there to screen out people like me. Ha ha ha. In any event, I have no idea what a UX agency is. It sounds like how to keep people addicted to their apps which is of no interest to me. I do wish that the screener contests had more variety because the topics proposed are really of no interest to me which is why I’m probably never going to make it into the real contests. Ten screener ideas is an awful lot. Can we use those ideas in actual contests?




UX = user experience. In other words, designing apps/websites/products so they’re simple to use and navigate. It’s an industrial design/tech industry term.


Thanks! Do you know if it’s possible to use the names in the screener contests in real contests later on?


I imagine that’s a question for Grant or someone else in charge of this site. But I imagine if it passes the submittal process when submitting a regular contest name, you could enter it. However, it’s always freshener and more challenging/fulfilling to submit new names instead of recycling old ones, at least in my opinion.


I agree that screening contests should include different niches, I could never come up with a name for feminine products for example, but always have ideas for tech companies.


Just joined loving the customer service. The screening process does take time but because of the high volume of creatives they could not authorize me to start entering contests… How long would it take though. I am eager to try the contests.


@MikeLandau Yes, you can reuse your names and submit them to real contests if they are a good fit.

@ReddScorch Thanks for the feedback and welcome to SH. The sceening process can take a bit of time (usually 2-3 weeks) due to high volume of signups. We are working on accelerating this timeframe.


I’m wondering the same thing. What are we supposed to do while are waiting to find out if we are going to get approved or not?


u probably could try selling domains in the meantime. But a certain video had this rule implemented. They were overloaded. However they are working hard on speeding it up. I wanna start soon I love making up names.