Screening Requirements - New Creatives


Effective immediately, we have made some updates to our platform policies. We are introducing screening requirements for new creatives.

If you joined the platform recently, your account will be initially set to a restricted status, which means you will not be able to participate in contests automatically.

You will receive instructions on how to participate in some “screening contests” and your submissions will be first reviewed by SH team. If your submission style aligns with the minimum requirements for our platform, your account will be authorized to participate in real naming contests.

The same restrictions apply to Logo contests. If you are interested in participating in Logo contests, you can send your portfolio to us via chat or email and our team will review your past work to determine your eligibility for Logo contests.

We believe this is an important step to ensure a high quality experience for all stakeholders - our contest holders as well as our creatives.

In future, we may introduce some additional screening requirements for existing creatives whose percentile score rank falls below a certain level.


So this sudden change. So whom will I be submitting the pre screened names?


@Red777 Here is an article that describes the new screening process for new creatives:

If you have any questions about this process or need additional information, please feel free to chat with our team or email us.


so i join it says do 4 screening names;done, then a message comes up to do 10 ,whats up with that ? am i going to do 10 and have it say 15 or 20 ,what happens to the great names i just spent 2 hrs to come up with ,seems a little pyramid’y like "you "give us great ideas ,we’ll pass them to our next tier so they get paid for all your work ,well its been great ,i feel scam’d ,now i feel i should go claim the domain names i just gave you and i will. as a reviewer this site so far is getting 2/5 stars,was so hoping this was legit, make a few bucks ,share my ideas .Thatreviewerguy YouTube product reviewer since 2010.


I read the message more than thrice, I still don’t get it. What are you even trying to say please?


He’s trying to say it’s a scam. He thinks his ideas are being given to Tier A creatives to win with.
These contests that he is participating in are mock ones. As far as the number of entries going from 5 to 10 etc. That’s how live contests work with non Tier A creatives. You get a like or love, you get more entries.

Being a Tier A creatives myself, I was never given any names by anyone at SHadmin.
Sounds like the newbie hasn’t given the site a chance yet.


Anyone this angry before their account is even validated is probably not a good fit. imo.


I have submitted 10+ entries in the screening contests, however i do not see the “Request Review of Submissions”.
Would you direct me on where to find this or instruct me on any further steps that are required?
Thanks in advance for your help!


says an admin ,and winner of many top paying contests on winners page ,i’ll be deactivating my account anyway ,i’ll make a lot more off the vids about this and all the screen shots .go ahead ,blame the newb and not the sites misleading registration or many vids i watched saying instant access .lol


Spider, FYI, SH just changed this policy so you were probably simply caught in the middle of a change. Also, Daisy is not an admin here if that is what you are implying (not sure that is what you meant). She is, however, a top winning creative. I can tell you that I have been here 3 years and SH is not a scam or I wouldn’t still be here and neither would Daisy. I am not sure why a top winner is an issue for you? We have many top winners here. Vids about what? About the fact that you didn’t want to do what it takes to get past go so you could work on the site? As I said this is a new policy, but the previous policy also had restrictions for new people. And if you have ever tried any of the other sites, they also have restrictions and absolutely no protections for creatives. You are jumping to judgment on SH, I know that much. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Lol. My opinions always get me in trouble.:joy:


LOL! Hey, I think that it is important for those of us who have been here for a while to respond to such nonsense. It sounds as though in this case someone was looking for fodder for videos to make make money. So I join you in the “trouble-making” opinions. Sounds to me like the new screening system is working to prevent those who are not up to the task from flooding our customers with names that won’t work.


LOL. I seen a video on YouTube the other day with the title. “Make $300 a day by just typing names”. It was about SH and actually showed @littodino profile and mentions @Marvon7 The title is a bit misleading. This could alsi explain the large influx of new creatives joining.


$300 a day! I wish!!! This all falls under the “because you’ll believe anything” category. Maybe we should start making videos. LOL


Everyone wants to make money, and I get that. But when people are joining expecting a payout immediately, it’s just unrealistic. Everything worth having takes work. And to be so confrontational from the get go…would someone do that in a real-life workplace?


Yeah, it’s like getting a job without an interview and then expecting 1 month salary in advance. LOL.


Welcome to SH, Alpha. The best way to get an answer to this is to use that little blue bubble on the bottom right of your screen. You need to go back to the main site to see it. It’s not here in the forum. Just go to the top of this page and click “home”. SH answers all questions through real people, not bots. Good luck!!!


@AlphaNoggin, Welcome to SH!

On your assigned contests page, you should see a button at the top of the page which says “Submit For Review”. This button is only visible after you have submitted a minimum of 10 entries in the screening contests assigned to you.

Once you click this button, your entries will be reviewed by our branding team, and if your account is approved, you will receive an email with the confirmation as well as additional details on how to participate in real contests.


It is unfortunate that you feel scammed - however as others have pointed out, these policies were recently added to ensure a successful contest process.

We’ve always been an open platform however as our community grows, it has become important to establish some additional screening mechanisms to continue to offer a best in class experience to our contest holders as well as our creatives.

Squadhelp does not use your initial submissions for any purpose other than assessing your overall style.


Hello everyone! I’m new here, and I’ve just finished my 10 company names for screening. (I really wish I get accepted). I just want to ask if we’re gonna get notifications or e-mails if we didn’t pass the screening. Thanks.