Screen Names - meaning & thought


Hmmmm, looks like I never offered an explanation, so here goes…

While I’m not a Jim Carey fan at all - I tend to use his catchphrase: “Alrighty Then!” on those occasions that call for me to resist the temptation to say something snarky or sarcastic.

Sooo, when I started my online naming/branding hobby, I decided that (AlwriteyThen) would make a cute, clever and catchy Username - Am I right? (LOL) :rofl:


Mine is a mix of Irina (my first name), Luck (not a bad thing to have :grinning:) and Leo (my Zodiac sign)


Hi, Mine is pretty simple. I have been described as a Serenade anytime I sing. So the word came first to my mind when i decided to begin my naming journey. :grinning:


I am so loving it, every name, words, letters and thoughts! :yum::heart_eyes:


Mine is very straightforward…my name is Holly,and my late father used to call me Hollygirl as a pet name. So I decided to use that as my moniker here to honor him,as he always appreciated and encouraged anything artistic,clever or creative. I’m a competitive singer also,and he always encouraged me in that field too. I miss him dreadfully…but it gives me great comfort to know he is with my son in Heaven and looking out for him,and they are both watching over me.


Hi everyone! I’m new here, been here for a little over a month and I enjoy it very much :grinning: My screen name is my first initial/middle name/first letters of my last name…I kinda liked that the “co” was like “company” and thought it worked well for this site :slight_smile: Just wanted to also say that I’ve spent a lot of time perusing many forum threads and I have so much respect for those of you who have been here for a while…I am thankful to be in your company :blossom:


I love the meaning behind your screen name! I also can relate personally to you honoring your dad,I too in the same sense honour my birth mother whom sadly I wasn’t raised by.I am one of her six children.I’m the only child that is Graced with having her middle name( Marie-Marye as my screen name).Here’s to honoring our parent(s)…I feel we are making them Proud❤


I love this, too, Hollygirl. If I did that, my screen name would be “Daddy’s Little Girl”… <3
My dad used to sing that song to me with his ukulele. He was a musician.


How sweet you are…thank you! This world at times can be sad and tough…so the happy memories,people we cherish and love,and rising above circumstances are what gives us perspective and strength,and pushes us forward and upward. Hugs to you!


Very sweet,Clinks…I am sure he still views you as his precious little girl…our parents love and affection for us never end,I am sure of it.


I think no need to explain my nickname. However, I did not only mean education. I also like to drive my CAR. And I love black ravens. In our country, they say not a crow, but a KAR. In addition, in the Slavic languages, Edukar’ means a master of his craft, a professional, a maven.


That is very interesting! I had no idea. I look at it with fresh eyes now.


@Hollygirl ((((BIG HUGS))))


Such a fun thread @sonchir :+1:

The ‘get to know’ thread is so big and I never got to reading it more than a couple of dozen posts so I really like this one since it’s snappy :blush:

Stating the probably obvious my username is my companyname + professional handle and I sooooo want to change it coz of the baggage lolz. Among all you amazing creatives I know it’s gonna take a long long long long time for a no-time-but-addicted newbie like me to get established here :wink:

Hopefully SH will offer us a chance to change our username. I have 4-5 avatars I would happily change to in a blink! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Loving getting to know a bit about u all here. :hugs:


Me Too! Would love to change my name, must not have been a very creative day when I signed up. Oh well I don’t know what name I would choose anyway.


@Shanna, I like your cute avatar→ songs and butterflies!


@SmartWebby & @Shanna, changing names…maybe I would jump in too. But I won’t go for just creative name; I would get more views/sell more marketplace or owned domains if I have a professional (SEOised) name like @AbleBrands’, methinks!:nerd_face: