Screen Names - meaning & thought


There is not any emoji whose smile is bigger than face! :laughing:


@Slogana, in fact I get a lyrical tone in your name & think it fits here!

@GibbonTake, rather a clever one!

@littodino, so cute “it’s the username that has followed me everywhere!” Yeh I have seen lil dino of yours around, always so hungry, gorging up on “love its” :clap::heart_eyes:

I wish I could tag everyone. I actually had to delete a lot of names as AI-interface won’t allow me to post. I deleted some and tried to hoodwink the smart AI by deleting @ & it worked!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope to get delighted and enlightened by all creatives…


Just my name, sorry :))) Great topic! I was wondering about some names myself, great to see some explained here. Btw, Slogana is not a bad name at all, I totally like it!


Vivegoodkarma - Live good Do good all you do that is good will come back to you …This was my first Screen name that I used since my teens…so had this for about 30 years


I know you’re all dying to know what my name means :grinning:


@LauraE Ok, I just spit my coffee on my keyboard!!! Too funny :joy:


I love all of you … Your comments and conversation in the forum and in the lounge are greatly appreciated! :relaxed:

I am back after almost a year of being away. I could write a script for a soap opera, but I will summarize only. Gloom and doom fell upon my family resulting in several job losses and multiple deaths (expected and unexpected), but we are on the upswing now and life is returning to normal. At least I believe it is, I am starting to think again!

As for my screen name, I grew up in a town called Aliquippa in Pennsylvania. The numbers are the zip code. And the graphic is my inner child, she who inspires me to remain a kid at heart whenever possible. :wink:


Welcome back! So glad you are on the upswing. What an ordeal!


Welcome back, sorry for your loss.


sending some positive words up there for you…


Hello from Pennsylvania :wink:
I lovvveee that meaning! There’s so much heart in your username! :two_hearts:
Sending a lot of love your way- welcome back!


Sounds like me! It’s funny how hard it is to shake a username :wink:
At least you picked a classy one! I love it!


Gonna get some creative screen names from this group. Haven’t been here too long but I am having an interesting time so far :grimacing:


I choose mine as I have recently had an urge to pursue my interest in writing as an online hobby type of income as I feel my current skills are way short of most professional writers word crafting abilities, hence my self-empowering screen name lol.


What a fun topic! I checked out the forum today simply because I was intrigued with one of the contestant’s names - PerfectlyCromulent. I looked it up and realized it’s a Simpsons reference, which really made my day - I used to be a major fan when my kids were growing up. So, kudos to PerfectlyCromulent!

My name is what I used on my first naming sight and I gave it very little thought as I wasn’t sure I would really commit to the activity. But the profile pic is from an image I took in Italy during a little medieval parade, and it so it worked to tie my name to me better. I love the creativity abounding here!


Well this thread answers soooo many questions :wink:
Mine is based on my book -
I Want My Own Eggshells- I’m tired of stepping on everyone else’s

You can pretty much find me anywhere ( and some have) - Linkedin, Instagram, etc…


You asked about my name, but I’ve been too busy to answer till now (just submitted a chapter I contributed to an upcoming book I’m pretty excited about!).

It comes from a novel by Tom Robbins called Jitterbug Perfume. One of the characters in it is in a club called the Daughters of the Daily Special, which is made up of genius waitresses–women who are gifted artists, or rocket scientists, or writers, etc. but who are stuck working jobs that don’t allow them to fulfill their potential. They each pay dues out of their tips, and once a year they pool the money and select one of the women to receive a grant so they can take off of work and pursue a project.

I always fantasized about this idea, and I feel like anyone who works a job that doesn’t let them realize their creative or intellectual potential is a “genius waitress” of sorts.

Here’s to all the genius waitresses!


Congrats @geniuswaitress!
Interesting name origin.


Wow I love that whole idea, and now I have to read the book. Congratulations on your writing.


I found this looking for the introductions and got totally sidetracked. I love finding out about the people behind the names. Creative Cookie is another one that always makes me smile.

As you probably guessed, I’m a writer. MrsWriteBrain is my moniker from writing boards. I write mainly MG fiction but also write plays and music. I’m a mom to a bunch of kids, a grandma to one, and a high school drama director. But I really want a bumper sticker that says, “I’d Rather Be Branding.” Because although I am not as obsessed as I was when I first discovered this site last December, (okay, that’s a lie, I’m still obsessed,) SH is definitely my favorite place to let the creative juices flow these days. I still have a lot to learn, but have now discovered this forum and am really enjoying the discussion here. So much genius!