Screen Names - meaning & thought


So many interesting and intrigue screen names, we see here everyday.
Love to know the Meaning and/or Thought behind all the names.
I absolutely love @Awintura, Virsaviya (love to know the meaning), @Vivegoodkarma (v v beautiful), @Alphaomega808 (cool, hip), @Imacoconut (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), @raresfarcas (:thinking:),
@rareworthy (:heart_eyes:) @littodino (little dino?), miyvex58 (hmm… did I get it right?), @geniuswaitress(:thinking:), EliCreative(:heart_eyes:), @AlwriteyThen (fun & pun?), perfectlycromulent (dont know why always get the:yum: feeling)…the list & curiosity is actually endless(& can’t mention more than 10 of you in one post!!) @WHAYASAY - what you say all creatives…


So me first?
I love nature and birds. Sonchir or Sonchiraiya literally means golden bird. It is Hindi name of The Great Indian Bustard. It is tall, elegant & shy bird found on Indian subcontinent.
Do check images of this birds in full display on Wikipedia.
It is critically endangered – IUCN – red list. So rare now that in 2008 there were only 250 in numbers in India!

Haven’t seen a real Sonchir ever? Have you? :slight_smile:


@sonchir. Some of the screen names are great. The fun part is figuring out if it is a man or woman. Especially names with an a atar I stead of their photo.
My screen name, not so original lol it’s my first and part of my last name…boring. lol


Mine is relatively boring. It’s an anagram of Brandables (as in brandable domains).


@LisaMac, Don’t think yours is boring, The Mac feel is quite gigantic!

“The fun part is figuring out if it is a man or woman. Especially names with an a atar I stead of their photo.” :laughing:


@AbleBrands, ha ha you are being humble.You have proved “Able” part of your name too well. & we have seen most often simplicity wins.


@AbleBrands your name is perfeect. Over the last couple of years, I have entered names (especially in the pet space) that come back with the domain not available. When I check them out online…they brought me to your website. So maybe great minds do think alike? I sure hope so! lol


Mine is many ideas mashed into one name :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Alpha - first letter of the Greek alphabet : Omega - last letter of Greek alphabet ( Beginning to the End ) And my real name begins and ends with the same letter ‘A’ - Omega also has a value of 800 - yet 808 is a palindrome number ( in my wacky head at least ) and 808 is the area code of Hawaii - my family’s decent. * whew*

Aloha! :cherry_blossom:


Mine is the name of my company. I work with charities in marketing and communications (and other things) so it means common community communication links.


I love this–as I have always wondered too on creative’s names. Mine is my kids…Lucas and michele. : )


Cool topic…mine is just my middle name (Marie)with an alternate spelling…the 5 represents my grand daughters age at the time I joined this Amazing group!!


I feel so special at being included in this. Thank you so much for that.

Where do I begin? Let’s just say, I’m not your average person – in anything I do, try to learn, come up with, etc. In fact, most people that know me (even some here) will affectionately claim me to be quite strange, full of surprises, and packing a punch with how my brain seems to work with most things. I am told almost too often that I don’t think like many people and that I’m so far outside of the box that I’ve surpassed left-field and bridge the line of outer space. It’s honestly a combination of things as to why I am the way I am and why I hold the personality that I do. In a sense, I’m pretty much a chameleon – a walking contradiction – an extroverted seeming introvert with arguably a too open mind. I have a heavy background in a lot of interesting things and tend to research things to the point of exhaustion. I’m psychologically inclined and operative because of a background and education in psychology and therefore have even realized things about myself because of this. From an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personalty Type Indicator) (See more Here – (Myers-Briggs official website) and Here – (the personality types explained) ) standpoint I am an INFJ and of the sixteen types of personality in the world INFJs comprise only 1% of the population – which can be a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. INFJs are the ‘rarest’ personality.

But that doesn’t even really explain the name. I guess for me, my name is meant to not necessarily boast about me in any way nor was it meant to signify that anything I do is worthy of being considered rare – but it was more symbolic in a sense that I aim for things to be away from the norm and the typical because I’m one to fully believe that differences, flaws, unique things, and so on are what makes things more interesting and even more beautiful. To me, perfection doesn’t and cannot exist and constants (i.e., similarities, repetitiveness, etc) in things create a stagnation and often the more unique things are the more they can be appreciated – so while things that are rare tend to be a bit more esoteric in their own sense, that means that once that knowledge is obtained and understood it can then become more memorable, more special, and even more enlightening.

:joy: I don’t know, I probably showed a little bit too much of my weird here. But, at the core … my name is just meant to signify that I branch outside of the box. Doesn’t mean that anything I come up with or do is the best of things but at least it’s different.


GREAT TOPIC! Thanks for the shoutout @sonchir :sunglasses: I am loving all these explanations of my fellow creatives!


Mine’s pretty hard to figure out Lol…:wink:


Ohhhh @Annie you stretched my smileeeee!


This is what we LOVE about you around here, @Rareworthy!!! I missed you when you were gone for a while. I appreciate your INFJ! I forget what mine is on Myers-Briggs… but I am one of those people who says out loud “look, there’s an elephant in the room” and other people talk over me and deny that it is there. That gets me in a lot of trouble. LOL.


I actually hate mine and would like to change it, its sort of a combination of slogan and Elvira, and I’m thinking it could be perceived as cheesy as well as being an actual name, so cool reading about some of yours. I often admire the cool factor of some of them, the professional sound of others.


Mine is an obvious play on the phrase: “give and take”


Yes! Little dinosaur hehe!
It’s actually under my artist account on instagram- it’s the username that has followed me everywhere!
I love @AlwriteyThen and @WHAYASAY - they always make me smile! As with @Imacoconut!
There are so many I’m missing but they are all so good!!