Scale sliders for names and taglines

Hi guys,

Just wondering if you would consider putting in scale slide bars just like the logo contests have for all contest types.

This will give a very good visual representation of the type of name the CH is after. It should ultimately result in less trial and error, and possibly make it quicker for the CH to find a winner.


Great idea @Skevans. …or give them choices like you do with desired letters. They can then select some or all such as quirky, fun, traditional, serious etc. (of course once we know what they say they want, we can put in the complete opposite for the win lol)


and could we have that range of letters you mentioned before - I see another nine letter winner in an 8 letter contest - we need to say 8-10 letters , as I usually try to stick to rules and get beaten by people that dont

I guess the reason I said scale sliders opposed to selecting names is because you get a feel as to how how much of the characteristic you put into the name. So for example do they want a touch of fun. Or do they want crazy fun.

Do they want simple, simple with a bit of complexity or complex.

You can’t always tell with just describing words

I like this idea @Skevans, I agree that sometimes words aren’t enough.

I’ve suggested something similar before on another thread. Here are some of my input.

Asking CHs to describe the Name might not work well when they’ve had trouble coming up with a satisfactory one in the first place. Describing something that is already existing could yield better results. For example, characteristics of the owner(s), the characteristics of their targeted customers/users, characteristics of the product, atmosphere of the place, etc.

Let CHs choose what’s most relevant:

  1. I’m the owner/founder and I am…
  2. Our users/customers are…
  3. We want to change the world to be…

    Or, [I’d like to describe something not found in the list … ]

Another point, there could be so many polarizing characteristics that it becomes unwieldy. Maybe we could list some defaults, then provide the ability to add new sliders with two blank input boxes on each end.

Additionally, only ‘chosen’ sliders should be shown to contestants, too many sliders can end up confusing everyone. I actually feel there are too many sliders already all showing (even when not used) in logo contests.

This feature should be optional, some CHs only have time for Copy/Paste.

I wonder how many sliders we contestants can think up? :slight_smile:

Affluent <-> Everybody
Corporate <-> Mom N’ Pop
Active <-> Laid-back
Global <-> Local

…of course we dont always end up with what was asked for lol

maybe a sliding scale …Havent The Faintest Clue What I want …to …Im clear about the type of name Im after

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Serious <-> Whimsical
Straight <-> Punny
Visual <-> Aural
Classic <-> Trendy


My 2 cents is not to overwhelm the contest holders or box them in. Coming up with names is a mix of science and art, let us not make it too logical, exact and scientific. If they wanted that, a computer or name generator could do it for them. We shouldn’t be groping in the dark as to what contest holders want, but they shouldn’t be asked to define their needs and preferences down to a T. Let us leave room for ambiguity, trial-and-error, experimentation and an interactive creative process.

Ok, that’s more than two cents. :blush:


I agree lightless but when your stabbing in the dark and there ends up being 1000+ entries, a majority of CHs lose interest and don’t end up seeing out the comp. this is evident given the amount of contests with minimal CH interaction and no winner selected.

What I like is letting CHs have the toys to play with, to feel more part of the creative process. When CHs are having fun they are likely to do their part better.

I really see sliders as a way to express a concept/vision that’s not as easily expressed with words. Some briefs are too wordy, some are not wordy enough, who knows maybe that’s the reason they couldn’t come up with a name. Sliders could be the equalizer.

Sliders don’t have to go just one-way either, they could be a simpler way to promote Contestant-CH interaction, contestants can suggest unique sliders pertinent to the brief.


one of the biggest things is not knowing whether a ch wants a fun name or a business like name - you would think some things were obvious to mention in the brief but a lot of chs actually forget the most important things - sliders would help them remember what they are actually asking for

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Ooh I got a slider
I like Mizspelt wurds that arnt logical <-> I’m Not an dummy give me something Concrete

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@Skevans I agree with you. It is as you said, stabbing around in the dark. There are times, when a CH evolves; starts out with one idea of a name, then decides to expand to other ideas. If the CH does not communicate we would be going through all the names of Greek Gods and Goddesses, animals, translators and so on…Thankfully, one of the CH I was participating in, was very good about communication, though, some are not

Could we possibly add a TONE section as part of the brief What tone would you like the name to have Fun/ serious/ witty/ etc…

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spelling section :wink: are you open to creative spelling or do you want real words

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Hello, @Dan. Changing the topic a little… Is the new “check trademark” feature going to apply to the “Naming” contests too? Not domain contests, but the ones that only want a name, and that we don’t have any way to check if our name was taken.

@JCaceres, I will be adding a new topic explaining the Check Trademark feature shortly.


Thanks, @Dan. Will read it.

Agreed, this is half the issue when thinking of names…

Btw are you testing a theory with your new pic? :slight_smile:

LOL Took my helmet off and had helmet hair so I went to the salon , Now I’m Pretty))))))

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