Safe & Happy 4th of July to the Americans


I wish everyone in America a safe and happy 4th of July from the smoky Colorado Rocky mountains. The fires are terrible here in my county and nearby, preventing campers from getting to their destinations. (Not close enough to be a threat to us but others have evacuated). Let’s hope people don’t use fireworks around here… (fingers crossed).


happy fourth links sorry about the fires


Have a great and safe 4th @Commulinks! And everyone else here at SH. :us:


Same to all out there… stay in good places… I am from St. Augustine Florida the OLDEST city in the nation… and we have so many homeless people … it makes their future so difficult… I am glad to be able to work from home and rescue the animals that we do… I am blessed


Happy Independence day from the big Apple or should I say the baked apple lol. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in NYC.
Let’s take a minute today to say a prayer, send good thoughts or just thank our military who cannot be here to celebrate as they are still fighting for our freedom. For our fellow Americans who are fleeing the wildfires, floods and the lava flows. And a special prayer, that our elite dive team can bring the Thai boys soccer team to safety. Have a safe July 4th​:sparkler::sparkler::fireworks::sparkler::fireworks::sparkler:


May the 4th be with you!


Happy 4th to all the " Squad " from Metrowest of Boston…The home of first Thanksgiving & the start of the American Revolution (I lived in Concord MA for 25 years) . And let’s not forget the ever important yummy Chocolate Chip ( Tollhouse) Cookie invented in Whitman Ma in 1930- LOL. And as LisaMac said very eloquently - a huge thank you to all the soldiers & good to take a moment to reflect on those that gave their life to keep us free!