Rule about reusing names

What is the rule about reusing names,please? Is it ok? If the CH abandons a contest, and SH chooses the name…then it seems like it should be ok…but I am not sure if the CH still has claim to the name or not.

I also wanted to know if someone submits a name and wins with it…is it legit to resubmit it again down the road and win again?

I don’t want to make a misstep and wasn’t sure of the rules.


@hollygirl, while we do not encourage reusing names that have already won, I suggest you use your best judgement. We do not have a specific policy around this.

For example, if the name was selected in an abandoned contest, and few months have passed, you should be able to reuse the name especially if the domain is still available or if the contest is now for a different industry (or country). However, in all these cases, it is recommended that you disclose the information upfront to the CH (that the name was the winner of a previous contest). This way, the CH can decide keeping that information in mind.

Thank for clarifying,Dan…