Rewording to Make Name Category More Attractive to Clients?


I find that I am unlikely to choose the “Misspelled” category when submitting names because it has a negative connotation.

I suspect it may be a turn-off to some clients, who may think “I don’t want a word that is spelled wrong,” but at the same time admire names like Google and Flickr. They may be discarding names that are labeled “misspelled” out of hand.

A phrase that means the same thing but without the negative connotation of being misspelled would be “Creative Spelling.”

Creative Spelling is also a bit more accurate than “misspelled” for those types of names.


genius suggestion :slight_smile: yeah much more positive. That’s why you are a top namer.


I definitely like this idea!


Oh, wow. This has already been implemented.

Thanks for the swift action. I feel so much better about choosing “Creative Spelling.”


it was a great suggestion and it is sooo much more appealing. Great Job.


You are genius, @geniuswaitress :slight_smile: