Revisiting the Creative's Pause button

@grant and @Darpan I think Seezall mentioned this earlier in the Tier A thread, but somehow it got lost in the discussion. Would SH consider adding a pause button for creatives who need a short break, whether it’s the holidays, being out of town, crisis, or needing to recoup brain energy, so we don’t lose our ratings because of it? The Pause could be for two weeks or up to a month. After that, if the creative doesn’t return, the ratings drop. How does that sound? Is this feasible?


Super glad you posted this. I don’t think that we should be penalized at all for taking a break. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this? But yes, please, pause button asap.


You are not penalized for taking a break.

While you are away, your percentile rank can go up or down, depending upon how your peers are performing during that timeframe.

The more entries you have during a 6 month period, the less fluctuations you will see in your percentile score. However if you only participate in very few contests during that timeframe, your percentile score can see larger fluctuations.

As a reminder, your percentile score works based upon the percentage of high ratings you receive compared to the percentage of high ratings your peers receive.

In the near future, we will be making additional changes to this algorithm to give a higher weightage to “Love It” and "Shortlisted’ entries.

If you take extended breaks (6 months plus), your percentile score will be reset to a low number because there is no recent historical data to use to calculate the percentile score. However, if you have 100+ entries in the last 6 months, your ratings will be based upon the performance of those entries.


[quote=“LauraE, post:1, topic:2399”]
Would SH consider adding a pause button for creatives who need a short break to recoup brain energy?[/quote]

I’m sorry Miss Laura, but I read that as “Needing to recoup from brain surgery,” and it made me LOL :smile:


This is confusing, I don’t understand how some creatives were gone a few weeks or a couple month and they ‘fluctuated’ to 40% or 50%. I’m one of the ones that suggested a way to pause your percentage and still think that it would be beneficial because life happens (reason I suggested it is because I have many medical issues and have to take breaks). A well standing creative should be allowed to pause percentage and also probably not be able to enter anything while paused, but pause and handle life’s unknowns and be able to come back without having to start all over like @BrendaGravermoen @seezall and several others have had to. Activity (or lack there of) does seem to impact percentage as myself and others have experienced.

The way you are describing it only some fluctuation should be seen, i.e. 5% here or there but there are some that have dipped 15%-40% based upon inactivity. That, to me, seems more than just fluctuation, and puts what could have been a very high standing creative outside of tier A (which means not allowing them to enter some high payout contests as well as others), not able to enter early access, and having to enter a lot of contests hoping that they get primarily good entries again to get back to where they were. This, while not meant to be a penalization, can be a penalization in my mind. This, to me, is because you’re having to work hard and work alongside other factors (being compared to other creatives and the fluctuations they have on your percentage, ratings, how many contests, etc) to get back to the status that you lost because you weren’t active.

Hope that makes sense and now maybe you can explain how I am wrong if I am so those that have previously been affected by these things can understand better, please?