Returning after absence need help catching up

Hi guys. I am hoping to be a first time property owner and in need of all the dough ray me I can get. Ive been off the forum since before we had the ability for our own web pages and everything was changing so quick. I dont know wh where to start with getting caught up to up chances of sales etc. Any guidance suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I still just submit to contests and marketplace and thats it.


HI @Slogana and welcome back! I too have frequent big breaks from Squadhelp. Have you tried going to the categories section of the Forum and selecting “announcements”? This is where Grant has listed all of the recent changes and they should appear in date order. The conversation thread directly under the announcement will usually include any amendments made to these announcements after feedback from creatives has been considered. :slight_smile:


Thankyou. I was overwhelmed a year ago keeping up. Momma needs big bucks :blush: