Retrieving deleted entries

Is there any way to retrieve deleted entries, other than the few that come up in you activity feed? I had submitted quite a few names I liked that only got two stars in a contest that is pending now, and I forgot to write them down to perhaps recycle before I deleted them.Are they just gone, or is there any place you can access them? Thanks!


Nobody has an answer,please?

@hollygirl, while there is no direct way to recover them, if you can send us the contest name or link, our tech team can try to restore them and send to you. Please send the details via chat or

I would love if there was a way to avoid deleting entries. Maybe instead of totally deleting them, hiding them from the CH so they do not count toward your total for the contest, but having the ability to recover them later.

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That’s a good idea. It would be great to be able to save the entries on Squadhelp for the future.
So that if there is another similar contest, you could easily go to your submissions archive, choose appropriate entries and resubmit them. So much easier and faster than going through your personal notes and the whole submit new entry process.