Resubmitting a Domain To The Marketplace

@grant I recently had a domain preapproved for marketplace but I didn’t want to accept the SHs commission rate. So I rejected it, thinking I could resubmit once I bought the domain… Shocked to learn that I cannot get the name approved again because it was previously submitted (despite that I didn’t accept the terms)

Is there a way this could be remedied?

(am I making any sense? It’s been a long day )


Have you contacted SH support about this?

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Hi @qtnames, Thanks for responding. I did contact SH but was told I couldn’t resubmit it. I came here hoping Darpan would relent and reinstate it (if that is the correct way to put it). I ended up buying the domain and it’s resting comfortably in Basic Plus. Since it received a ‘love it’ rating, it’s visible in the premium marketplace. I just wish it could be promoted as a premium name but if it sells I would make more money basic plus way! (I even have some shortlists. (wish my other domains had some)

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