Resubmit Entries

I have a question. Why can’t I resubmit entries that have been removed from shortlist to another contest? I’ve tried, but it won’t let me. Anyone know the answer? I would appreciate it.

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Are they still marked as a love it? The computer considers them still active if they are still marked love it. The only way around it is to withdraw them from that contest…

The entry was shortlisted, it’s been removed from the shortlist. It’s still love it, though. I wanted to submit to another contest, but I can’t. I don’t understand why I can’t resubmit it. It’s not going to be shortlisted, again.


@miyvex58 you will have to withdraw the entry from the contest, then you can submit it into a different one. Like @tristine24 said, the computer is still recognizing the entry as a love.

I don’t see why I can’t, but thanks for replying.