Request at rw thanks in advance

Could you please pm me? I would so appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

I am currently trying to do so but having to BB an issue. Hopefully, I’ll be able to contact soon.


It’s not showing me the ability to message you.

@Marye5 Are you having issues with messages or something?

Edit/Update: I’m not seeing the ability to message you and you may have to enable this in your account to accept DMs from people. Once you do that you can either message me or I will message you. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: May need to contact SH and see if they can help you

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Hey there!
I can send pms. .I just couldn’t find you other than on the forum. I searched through serval contests and winners page to try and message you. Is there a way I can get to your page (can I go to my message page and type in your name) ?

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This is why ages ago I asked for a feature to search creatives. Sometimes I want to send a message, look at stats, etc and there is just no easy way to find someone on the contest side…unless of course they are trending in a contest I happen to look at or have won recently.

I actually find it extremely annoying we can’t easily find each other :angry:


@Marye5 I finally was able to send you a message, hope that you got it. If you didn’t here’s my profile.

@Chasity2ku I have always agreed with this because there is you and several others that it would be nice to talk to on occasions without having to do such on the forum. It’s not like we’re going to be discussing the contests themselves or such, I would like to think that most of us know better by now. But even with that if we wanted to contact each other off-site, I’m not sure we’d be allowed to tell each other emails or anything else to be able to do such without going against SH rules the way it seems they are written. I have actually thought about posting a contact thread (and anyone interested would have the choice of sharing or not) in the forum for anyone interested which would just serve as a directory of profile links to the people that are open to receiving messages from fellow creatives for chat, idle talk, general advice, etc (No messages should be sent discussing specific contests or such – just to remind everyone of the rules, just in case). That way if it’s someone active on the forum you may have better of a chance being able to at least find someone with the way things are right now. It took me half hour just to try to track down Marye’s profile. So yes, I can agree to how annoying and frustrating it is. And I’m hard to find right now because I haven’t entered any recent contests both due to life in general as well as certain frustrations.