Reporting Domains

Two Questions:

When I see people talk about CH’s “registering their domain after closing the contest” and needing to report it and stuff…does that go for any domain entry you submitted, or just ones you have up in the marketplace?

With that said, how do you find out if a CH has registered your domain? You just basically have to come across it randomly? Like you might see it in a followup contest by the CH for a logo for instance?

It goes for any name you’ve submitted @KittyKiyay

Go to this page:
You can play around with the tabs at the top then hit the check registration button. If any names have been registered a report button will appear below it.


@AbleBrands, What recourse do you have if as a creative you submit names and CH or person associated with them registers name with out you winning?

If a contest holder holds a contest for a hi tech startup and gets 1200 submissions, with 50-75% of these being unregistered available names. At end of contest awards winner to one name provider but a few days later multiple names that were submitted have been registered but not registered by CH what recourse do you have. Say it was a relative or an employee that went on to register these names.

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Thanks for this link.

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I think you have to be understanding too. 99.9% of CH are honest, there might be the odd one that isn’t and you will get caught out in time I’m sure.

Think of it as swings and roundabouts. You will get split payouts from names you’ve submitted that weren’t chosen. So, you win some, you lose some.


I think it is necessary to educate contest holder that the availability of domains is checked on specialized sites. Many CHs do not know this and try to write the names directly in the address bar. search robots respond quickly, so third parties register domains. I agree that there should be honesty in our work both on the part of the creative and on the part of the contest holder. SH provides such a domain check, but the SH team must warn the CH so that he does not check domain in the address browser bar.