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Hello, I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but I am getting a lot of Registered Domains that I am unable to report because I get a pop-up saying it is past the thirty-day mark. But several of them are not past this time and I am still unable to report them. I find this very discouraging. I have reported it to SH, but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I still think it is essential to have a unique identifier associated with each contest as I just spent 30 minutes trying to find a contest that I had a reported domain and SH needed the exact name even thought I provided it and also the number in the URL. It is it possible to have these issues looked at more closely and to provide a unique number for each contest !!! Thanks

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Hi ChristyMay,

I have not had the exact same problem as far as not being able to report registered domains within the 30 day period, but I have an issue with some of my domains not showing up as registered on SquadHelp until months after they were registered and then I am unable to use the report registered domains feature. We can still use the blue chat button to report registered domains but that means SH won’t contact the contest holder and the contest is long closed so they can’t pause it. I also have contacted SH but got the standard reporting domains reply, I am waiting for them to actually address the issue of the domains not being listed as registered until months after registration.


I think we all have had the same frustration…I don’t think they intend to change the policy though.I do agree with what was said that it perhaps should at least be 30 days after the contest chooses a winner…and not 30 days after entry.


Thanks TC8888 and hollygirl !!! I didn’t realize that the 30 days to report the Domain is 30 days after you submit the entry and not 30 days after the domain was registered (of course not suggesting at all that the CH registered the domain, but just when it was registered). I think this was part of my frustration but as I think you had mentioned in another post @hollygirl that SH is so helpful even after the 30 days.


I just want to have a little moan really. I’m just going through my old names looking for some I entered in an old contest in case they’re good for a current one and have come across one of my names that has been registered. What I’m miffed about is after having my fingers burnt by not keeping an eye on my NOT available I missed out on a number of my domains being registered and I missed the 30 day boat, my fault and highly likely I imagine nothing in it. So now I check daily! But today I click on my name to discover it was last checked 47 days ago!! How is that when I click to check the NO’s daily!!?? daily!! Of course it’s been registered otherwise I wouldn’t be whinging and of course have missed the 30 days. I thought maybe mistakenly that when I was checking what wasn’t available of my names anymore the system was checking all my names?? Am I meant to check all my names individually? I’ve quite a few so I can only imagine what a job and a half that would be for some on here!! :open_mouth: Moany moan moan moan I know but flipping poop!!

I’m hopefully sorting this with SH. I’ve discovered that the filter within MY ENTRIES for yes and no on availability has not been showing up to date information. So while I believe a domain to still be available actually its been registered. I’m individually working through every single one slowly as tbh I can’t trust it. I’m on to my like its, I have 6 domains I never knew where registered and they’re past the 30 day mark. I’m gutted yet realistic enough to know plenty of other brains in the world could easily come up with my names!! I am a tad devastated to find 3 of my names in one contest have been registered, it was a pretty niche contest with said city name in domain, so some coincidence, but hopefully SH are going to look into it for me. I’d suggest maybe checking your own entries really have been checked as available and “up to date”. I hope nothing here is deemed as controversial, I just feel a bit glum considering I’ve been really struggling with my ratings taking some battering! It’s been an uphill struggle lately, but we all know about them!! :grinning:

@whiteisland Search your domain on WHOIS.COM it will tell you who registered the name and when. If the registration info matched the Contest holder info, you can still report the domain to SH after 30 days. Use the blue chat bubble and send all of the whois info to them along with the contest info.

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Hi, I’ve done that for the contest where 3 of my entries have been registered. I’ve just reported 1 that is within the 30 days. But I am only discovering these by going into every contest I’ve ever entered and checking that way as the “no” filter in my entries has not worked correctly. I’m up to 12 so far. I’ve checked some and they’re not related I don’t think at all, most are registered privately. What bothers me is the length of time and losing the ability to effectively challenge something. 4 months down the line is a bit much clearly but I’m gutted I was trusting in something that hasn’t been working. Now I’m spending the day largely ignoring my children to do this. I’m :triumph: and :worried:

@whiteisland Don’t drive yourself crazy. Unless its an exact match to the CH or they said that they registered the name, its a mute point. It also could be a total coincidence as there are lots of people registering domains daily. What you need to ask yourself is this…is the bonus I might get worth more than the time I could spent with the kids and the time I spent into researching each one? My opinion is no.
I would say Start fresh going forward and maybe check a few of the old ones daily to play catch-up. :smile:


You’re quite right I am needlessly driving myself mad! The couple I’m peeved about I’ve reported and that’s it, I’m off to eat an enormous bowl of chocolate muesli and pretend its healthy!!


@whiteisland Cheers to that !

I was checking domain availability on my entries and I was checking out a winning entry (not mine) and see if the website is live and what I saw is the domain name is for sale for 2K dollars! CH just paid a few dollars to the creative! Are the CHs allowed to do that, sell a winning domain name? :fearful:

Why not…they own it. It’s the one’s that sell names that the creative wasn’t compensated for that is an issue.


I know CH has every right what to do with the name after a creative has been paid. But I think in this case it defeats the purpose and mission of SH to help startups and entrepreneurs with their marketing and brand. If CH doesn’t want to use the registered domain name he or she can cancel it anytime just like other CHs do. It happened to one of my entry, CH registered it and cancelled it because he decided not to use the name for their business. Just my opinion.

That’a true! But how often do you think it happens that CH’s may not really be looking for a name for their company/product…but intended all along to just find a name they can market and make a huge profit on? Is that perhaps what is being asked?

still doesnt really matter as they paid for it .If you dont want them to sell it at a higher price I guess the answer is not to give it to them in the first place

@Nelmag Could you please share the details of the specific instance via the chat window? Once a customer owns a domain name, they can technically resell it if they are not using it - however launching a contest for the sole purpose of reselling a domain name is not an appropriate use of our platform. If we find that a customer is engaging in such a behavior, we will likely not allow them back on our platform. We haven’t seen many instances of this happening, however if we do see repeated instances, we will likely update our Terms of Service to explicitly disallow such a practice.

On the other hand, we have also seen some instances of winning domain names from the winner board getting registered by someone other than the CH. This is the reason we added a 3 day delay to allow enough time for CH to register the domain name before it is visible to everyone. It is also possible that the CH may decide to go with a slightly different variation (from what was selected as winner), and therefore the winning name might stay as unregistered even after it is displayed on the winner board. In these situations, it is possible that someone might register that name, and resell it elsewhere.

Therefore, if you see any such instances, please report it to us and we will investigate them.


Sir @Darpan , I just shared the details via chat. Thank you for looking into this.

Why do we have to “catch” domain registrations? Is there a reason there isn’t something automatic within the squadhelp system that alerts and initiates a report if it is in within the 30 days?