Reporting check that box

Perhaps we need a statement saying submissions belong to the creatives and only the winning name can be registered or we will pursue action. I do think it is possible some CH dont realize this and yes Im trying to have a bit of faith here.
Having said that, I did report one by accident, it prompted, but was a marketplace name. In this case not nec. I think, since these cannot be undone, we need to issue a newspaper retraction equivalent.


I’ve asked a few times over the years if would could have a mock CH contest so we can see how it all works on their end.
I have picked the brain of some creatives who’ve held contests and they were very helpful . But it was for a logo contest not naming. So still left with questions.
As far as abandoned contests… .I don’t think we will ever really stop it…too many variables including but not limited to:
-Being overwhelmed with submissions

  • More than one CH /group deciding
  • Using a name they came up with prior to the contest
  • Having the same contest on more than one site and choosing the winner
    The list goes on and on.
    I actually like the shortlisting…the old way a program randomly chose one winner from all loved entries… . Creatives didn’t like that.
    Admin has been pretty good over the years tweaking things to benefit creatives. Hopefully this too will be looked at and improved.

i agree on mock contest, but even if they pick a name elsewhere, I still think they need to be politely remibded of the very real people waiting , I dont think it takes that long to sign in and randomly hit a button