Reported Domains w/open contests

Hey every one!

I was doing some entries for a contest and then I looked and saw that there was already a domain registration reported.

When this happens, does SH not pause the contest to keep the rest of us from submitting entries and potentially having them registered??

If you guys see that a domain registration has been reported, do you stop submitting entries? I just feel like I should go and withdraw all of my entries(not that they are amazing, but because I am so over having my domains be registered and me not being compensated).


I don’t stop submitting because there is always the possibility the domain was registered by someone other than the CH. Unlucky, but it happens. (Unless like 3 or 4 have been reported, that’s a little hinky.) I am more likely to stop submitting when a CH mentions entries in a comment, because even though Squadhelp removes them ASAP, once they’re out there, it’s too late.


I do stop submitting entries when there are registered domains in a contest. But I never withdraw entries because I need to be able to track if they have been registered and once a name is “seen” it is out there and can’t be taken back anyway.

SH does not pause open contents when domains are registered.

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It depends if there is a link to the CH.I have had them pause a contest when there was a direct link.


Thank you all for your responses! You all rock! :slight_smile:

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My time is limited so there are several reasons I will not submit names to a contest. For instance, if there are several names rated Love It, I will usually skip. If most are rated No, Thank You, I will skip. If the contest isn’t guaranteed, I will not even bother. And if 1 or 2 names have been registered, I will consider passing, but if 3 or 4 names have been registered, no way, there are 50 more contests to look at.