Reported domain registration

When a CH puts at the bottom of their likes and loves… ‘Reported 1 domain registration’, what does that mean please.

That’s not placed there by a CH. That’s a warning that pops up from the SH system when an entry in the contest was submitted to the contest and has since been registered. No, this does not mean that the CH registered it, but it also does not mean that they did not. This is why it is up to the creatives to keep track of their submissions, check to see if they have been registered since submission in contests. You can do this via the contest and also via your ‘my entries’ page. Check your names and submissions to see if they’ve been registered. If they have, report it following the instructions. When you or a creative does this, this message will then pop up in contests showing that something isn’t right.

It’s a bit of a thing to just keep an eye on. A lot of us are hesitant if there are any or even many registrations in a contest. It’s not abnormal for some to be reported, however. Not with the territory of this business. But, it’s just something to try and maintain at least some level of transparency. Yes, the CH can see this message too, as far as I know. High numbers of registrations in a contest, depending on the industry, means you should probably err on the side of caution. But, it is up to you.


Thank you rareworthy for explaining it all to me, much appreciated you taken time for that :slight_smile: