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Hello guys, First of all, its my privilege to be among such talented people. I do want to put forth a nagging occurrence that has been chewing at my peace for some time now. In the past six months and a bit more, I have had more than 25 of my naming ideas registered by ‘parties unknown’.
While I am in no position to claim that those ideas were so unique that no one else could have come up with them separately, it does bely credulity. Also, I have reported only a very few domain registrations because I know it is pointless from a legal point of view to expect SquadHelp take on investigative and law-enforecement responsibilities.
Frankly, I do not have the resources to buy the domain names that I come up with, and I’ve had very little success selling them on SquadHelp marketplace. Those of you who have been here way longer than me and with much more success, do you have any advice to share on the subject? Is grin-and-bear-it really the only way to go forward here?
Thanks in advance,


Hi @Marcus_N_Bruno

It is really annoying, I know, but that’s just the way it is. The way I look at it is, I can get upset about it (which does nothing other than raise my blood pressure) or I can shrug my shoulders and move on.

Think of it as “swings and roundabouts”. I’m sure you’ve had a win you never expected to win… or a split (which is effectively free money for your ideas and you get to keep your domain).

I think once you accept that it’s going to happen, it’s easier to just move on. Some you win (unexpected wins and splits) and some you lose (names getting registered).

You might think you don’t know which is a good domain, but think of it this way… If you’ve submitted a domain to many contests and it’s had a high ranking 3 or more times… you should register it. It’s a much safer bet that you will ‘sell’ the domain in a future contest than just registering names you think are good. With domain registration at NameSilo being under $7 right now, it only takes one win on SH to secure at least 10 great names.

All the best and stick with it!


109 total in 2 years, but it is by no means SH fault, and they’ve been very helpful when it was possible. It’s just that some people use platforms like this to find and register good domains, it is to be expected. My advice - never do contests that are not guaranteed, always check past CH projects and number of reported domain registrations, take advantage of SH marketplace when possible and try to stay calm.


Hi @AbleBrands, based on your experiences. Is it easy to transfer domains out of Namesilo? thank you


@AbleBrands or anyone with domaining experience outside of SH. Where is the best place, in your opinion, to sell your owned domains. By best place I mean the most trusted, cost effective, user friendly, etc. Also do you recommend listing as auction style or buy now?

Thanks in advance for your time and input :slightly_smiling_face:


@fxpreneur Yes, it takes 10 seconds push a domain from your NameSilo account to another NameSilo account. The instructions are here: Transfer a domain away from NameSilo takes 2 minutes. The instructions are here: I encourage everyone I sell a domain to, to sign up to NameSilo and I push the domain. The domain is in their account instantly that way. If they want to transfer it to another registrar after that, it’s up to them, but my job is done.

Since the new commission change, I’m no longer submitting unregistered names to SH. I register the ones that have had high rankings in several contests. Once registered…

@Chasity2ku. I’m submitting names to SH first, if rejected (or I don’t like the price offered) then to another brandable markeplace, and if rejected I list them where I bought them, GoDaddy (20% commission if it sells in their marketplace) or NameSilo (7.5% commission if it sells in their marketplace). Obviously, I try and buy domains at NameSilo first. There is no commission by the registrars if you sell the domain yourself and push the domain to a new account. Domains listed on GoDaddy and NameSilo can still be entered into SH contests.

I always list them with a buy now. I price almost every hand-regged domain at $1,999 (some at $999 or $2,999). Most of my hand-reg names I’ve had for years and that’s where the value is. Buying a name now at hand-reg prices and selling it for $1,999 in a few months happens, but not as often as I would like! Holding domains is the key, and not selling when someone offers you $300 for your $1,999 domain, because you will get sell at $1,999 eventually.

I hope that helps.


@AbleBrands This is very helpful, thank you! I’ve been trying to read up on sites such as GoDaddy, Sedo, and NameSilo but there’s sooo many options and info it’s hard for me to make a decision on how to proceed. Come Tuesday my break is over and I will have very little free time again so I’m trying to figure out my best domaining options before then. Which is laughable considering I have no clue what I’m doing lol so your input is extremely valuable to me and much appreciated.

BTW Godaddy has a new free instant domain appraisal feature that’s in beta testing if you or anyone else didn’t already know. While I’m sure it’s not super accurate, it gives someone like me, with no experience, an idea of what a domain I’m thinking about registering could potentially sell for!


Bravo bravo bravo! Thank you for your complete information, it really helpful


Thank you for this info @AbleBrands. You really are the white cane for some of us here without any experience on domain selling. Bless you


Hi AbleBrands, Thanks for your advice. I intend to take it in its entirety slight_smile: Cheers, Marcus.


Thanks man, Really appreciate your response. Cheers, Marcus.


Hi, I tried this GoDaddy domain appraisal feature and submitted two of my domain names to SH today… both got rejected without stating any reason but appraisal feedback was good. So, not sure how this feature is going to help us… :slight_smile: Just keep trying and trying… definitely that ONE day will come.


Chasity wasn’t necessarily meaning to use it as an estimation of whether you should submit names to SH. They’re trying to be curated and only accept highly brandable and very easy to spell names and some of the other key styles that Grant has talked about in the past. Because a lot of our names are really good but don’t fit into these parameters, having at least a ballpark idea of if your name could be worth anything so that way you can use that AND maybe the method @AbleBrands spoke about of basing it on ratings to see if it’s good for awhile and then buying it and putting it up for sale somewhere. And @Chasity2ku you’re right, it’s not going to be highly accurate but at least it gives you a little something. I would buy some of the domain ideas that have always gotten high feedback and yet haven’t been picked up by SH but I am not able to do any of that right now financially. Hopefully someday, but I wish all of you luck that can get into that, I hope you all do well! :slight_smile:


@Brandshai Rareworthy is correct. I mentioned the Godaddy appraisal feature so creatives could use it as a tool if they’re interested in buying domains themselves. It can be helpful when determining what it could potentially sell for and therefore aid in pricing if needed. The appraisal has no bearing on if it’s a good fit for the SH marketplace, and it’s important to note that it’s not being appraised by a person! It’s an automated process that surely fails to take key components into consideration that a real person would. That being said, I’ve found it to be quite useful as I’m just a noob.

I’ll give you an example of how it has helped me and can maybe be useful to others. I recently purchased my very first domain!!! :smiley: I then submitted it to SH and had to give them a dollar amount that I was comfortable receiving if sold (after fees and SH commission is taken.) I was literally clueless as to what I should expect it to sell for so I used the Godaddy appraisal as a reference tool and submitted my expectation based off that. I chose to base my earnings off a lesser sale price than what Goddady provided. However, I was pleased to see that not only did SH approve my domain, they also chose a sell price that was almost the exact amount of the Godaddy appraisal! Again, it’s not a definitive pricing tool but it certainly kept me from asking for a crazy high amount or a crazy low amount.


All 10 of my names registered in GoDaddy got rejected by SH, and now a days I don’t get a reason for rejection. Most of them were within 10 letters, few with real words few were made up… but luck is not with me. Price I have suggested as per GoDaddy appraisal, even used high value key words, but nothing worked out. Feeling lost…


I know I lucked out with my first purchase. In my experience getting a domain accepted into the marketplace is almost as hard as winning a contest. I literally pondered for an entire day trying to determine which one was gonna be my guinea pig. I haven’t bought a second domain yet because I’m trying to decide which ones I think are worth it. I’m scared to pull the trigger because I know they probably won’t be accepted by SH. Actually the majority of the ones I’m thinking about buying have already been rejected but I want to protect them. If I do buy the rejected ones I’ll take Able’s advice. It’s really just a gamble. Good luck!!


@Brandshai Just to give you an update, I finally pulled the trigger and bought 3 more domains and they were all rejected HA Oh well…fortunately I was expecting it. I submit with VERY low expectations.