Renewal Preference Changes for Unregistered Domains


In order to streamline the domain renewals and minimize any issues, we have made the following changes for Domain Renewals.

  1. All domain renewals are now handled based upon the renewal preferences set at your account level. For example, if you do not wish to pay anything for renewals, you can set the preference “Do Not Pay Anything” and SH will continue to renew the domain with slightly lower commissions each year.

  2. You now have the ability to change the renewal decision for 30 days after the domain renewal has occurred. For example, if your account level preference was set to “Do Not Pay Anything” but you wanted to use the $5/ 500 points option for a specific domain, you can change the renewal option for that specific domain from the Marketplace Listings page. The link to change the renewal option will only be visible after the domain has been renewed. You will be able to see what your new commission rate will be before confirming the change.

If you have experienced any issues in how the system has handled the renewals for your domains, we are allowing backdated changes for last 6 months. For example, if your account was charged $10 to renew a domain and your preference was to renew without paying anything, you can change that option now. The system will automatically deposit the $10 back to your account in that case and change your commission rate.

This backdated 6 month window will be available for a limited time, and we request you only make the backdated changes if you believe the renewal was not handled correctly by the system.


Grant, thanks for doing this. There is an issue with this, however. It is inflexible. I have names that I want to pay to renew and names that I want SH to pay to renew and it is all based on how huge the loss of commission is going to be. But now, I have only one choice, basically, for all SH owned names.

Can we please have back the ability to choose on each name with default to our preference if we don’t?

Here is another thing the system was doing: it kept our preference from last year. Also, based on what you have said, we can only go back six months if the choice we want to make is what is our established preference.

Here’s an example from my portfolio: I had a name that I let SH renew because the commission was only going to go down slightly. But when it actually renewed, it went down from something like 25% to 18%. Then there was nothing I could do.

I ask SH to please take a different approach and to restore our commissions first, then adopt a new policy. What you have outlined will take more work for us. After a while, I stopped even keeping track of what the system was doing to my commissions.

Thanks for listening. I am not sure you realize how bad this problem is.



Grant said…

So choose a default for the bulk of your names.

When your domain renews you get an email, if you don’t want it to renew as per your set default you go and change it and you are credited/debited back depending on your choice, if that makes sense. You have 30 days to do that.


Ugh. I do understand that. It is more work. Also, it doesn’t address the fact that the approved commissions are not what they are supposed to be. I am so frustrated with this problem. It just keeps getting worse and more complicated.


@Grant here’s another problem for you, just so you understand how complicated this is. I have a 2018 name (actually several), that I renewed myself in 2019. It had a 36% commission (from the early days). So when it renewed this month, the commission dropped from 36% to 22.5%. So the system does not take into account the years we renewed ourselves.

Yes, I am going to try to fix this mess. But this is yet another issue. The commission should only drop one tier if we have been paying renewals ourselves but decide not to anymore.

Before I or anyone else goes through to try and untangle things, please consider a different approach.


Will the option to buy domains owned by SH be available soon?

I prefer to buy domains I wants to renew rather than pay for renewal to maintain commission rate.