Removing 50 entry limit on re-opened/extended contests

Dan, any chance we can allow contestants who’ve hit the 50 entry limit a new set of entries on contests that extend or re-open? The CH is essentially saying “you have’nt found my mark”, and thus the contestant really used up their entries in vain unsuccessfully trying to find the CH’s vision.

In a related topic, so many CH’s lately have been indicating through ratings that we are not seeing their name vision, ala the home automation or Catholic Study Platform CHs. Jose opened a thread regarding this issue, yet the topic also relates to our orginal 50 entry limit, so I thought I’d mention it here as well. I don’t have a clue on what some of these CH’s want in many cases lately, and they don’t seem to be communicating so well. Some think it will stifle our creativity if they give us more info, and others just don’t seem engaged enough to answer our guidance questions. When you don’t understand the name “format” or “style” it’s hard to develop meaningful ideas. I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like I’m playing “chase the tail” more than usual lately. More evidence of this trend might be the large number of contests lately that end up having to be awarded by SH? Any ideas, anyone? PS, for those of you who end up winning CH holder awarded contests in these cases, kudos to you, you’re gifted in finding the hard to find CH vision!


I do think adding the kind of name they want i.e. professional, fun. techie to the brief would save a lot of time and grief if we knew that ahead of time. also, how many words they will extend to. I know some CH will mention this, but not all. It will help to know the more pointed direction so we won’t have to nag the CH about…


@CherryPopNames, although we can not reset the max limit counter during different scenarios, your point is valid and we will increase the max limit from 50 to 100 for all cases because we have heard similar feedback from few other contestants. This should be changed within 24 hours.

@LauraE, we are working towards implementing something along these lines. We will not make this mandatory to fill out because we find that if the form is too long, and if the CH is not sure about the answers, they abandon launching the contest.


I know, I have barely submitted any entries this week ( a first for me). Too many CH’s are not involved, or there are so many that don’t seem to be finding what they want. I feel kinda over ‘chasing the tail’ right now, because of the hours you put in, and then when you do ‘trend’ (in my cases anyway), then the competition is abandoned (and like you said SH has to award.) While I do love the creativity of coming up with names, with so many competitions going unawarded, it’s not really feeling worth it. Hopefully I’ll regain some ‘oomph’!



Here’s a another idea for the SH wish list: the ability to edit the name/domain name without having to delete the name.


@CherryPopNames, So glad you brought this up. I’ve been meaning to though didn’t think it would come across as fair to all contestants. I mentioned this in a thread last week that lately just about the time I’ve caught on to what the CH is actually looking for I hit the 50 name wall. And have had to explain to at least 3 different ch’s in the past couple weeks, that that’s it. That I had maxed out and regretfully could no longer continue.

@Dan, So GLAD to hear this. As I think above all else, all legit sh contestants should have the least amount of restrictions or barriers to overcome, when it comes to finding the right name for the client. After all the ultimate goal is to find a name for them that they like and can use.

Many thanks.


Update: We have increased the max limit across all contests to 100 now.


you still have to come up with a name someone will like (just that its someone at SH) so its the same really

That isn’t a bad idea…sometimes if your idea is kind of unique & not likely to be submitted by another contestant, you could suggest variations via the PM facility, such as, try the plural version, etc.


It’s as in the old anecdote:

''Yes, may they live, Yes, may they live,
Yes, may they live for a hundred years.
Oh sure, they will live, Oh sure, they will live,
Oh sure, they will live for a hundred years.

And when they have lived, when they have lived
And when they have lived for a hundred years
Oh, let them live, Oh, let them live
Let them live for a hundred years still !’’

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@Vision Are you saying that 100 is not enough :smile:

@auntshommy Thank you. I was thinking of that hot desking guy who wanted all of us to ‘change’ our rated names to oddball numbers. When, I edited those names, I ended having to delete the ones he liked, then he didn’t rated some of those altered ones I submitted.

Where;s that brick wall… :wink:


No,I was saying that 100 was 2 noughs ( 100 is to 50 what 200 is to 100) :wink:

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I personally think that takes us right back to where we started - we will have three people doing 100 entries each, the ch will get bored and not look at the rest.



You are a very good writer. I’m envious :pensive:

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You are such a good liar I actually feel flattered by your compliment. :slight_smile:

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@Dan, while being on a creative roll of producing entries to the twice-extended Contest I’ve noticed that the maximum limit of entries I’m still allowed to submit would exceed the max limit set at 100. Currently, with 91 entries already past submission, the message states that based on my rating score, there are 18 entry slots left for me to fill with names.

I had mentioned something like that also,as a CH liked my name but wanted me to leave off the last word.He gave me the highest rating in the contest so far at that point.So in order to do that,I had to delete and resubmit it the way he wanted…and that after that point, he stopped rating names, so I lost my high score, and I guess I also lost my position in the contest, as he chose someone else’s name.

It would be nice to tweak an existing submission without having to delete and resubmit.


So it is now quantity over quality. I hope the CH won’t get bored reading thousands of submission with small variations.

I think it’s a case of when out at sea, be prepared for everything. Many times these ch’s don’t know what they want until they think they see it. And since they don’t even know what they want, there direction is often misleading and even destructive. It would be great if they did a little home work before they came and looked around the site a bit to see how other contests are fairing just to see examples of what to include in the brief. :weary:

we’ve gone from lemons to dominatrixes in the swimsuit contest, how does that happen ?