Reminder - Third party listings of Premium Domains


This post is a reminder to everyone that all premium listings on SH platform are exclusive to SH and therefore sellers are not allowed to list them on additional platforms such as Afternic, Sedo etc while those listings are active on SH. We have come across several premium listings that are currently in violation of this policy.

Starting tomorrow, we will be adding additional integrity checks and sellers will begin receiving emails where their domains are found to be in violation of this policy. In order to maintain your account in Good standing, it is important to follow the Terms of the Marketplace listings.

While our goal is to work on adding syndication options for our premium domains, any direct listings on third party websites are not allowed for premium domains. Here is a link to our Terms for your reference:

Thank you for your support and compliance to these important policies.


Be aware @grant that names may have been previously owned and could be on another marketplace because the previous owner hasn’t removed them, not because the current owner has listed them.

That’s just a heads up before you send out an email that is really harsh and it gets backs up!

And just to manage your expectations, we’d have to write to wherever it is listed, prove our ownership and asked for it to be removed. It may take up to a week for it to be removed.



Just went over my domains at Afternic and Sedo. Found around 6 problematic ones at Afternic and about a dozen at Sedo that I must have forgotten to remove. All are removed now unless I missed something. Most of them were relics from the past. Sedo is kind of a graveyard for me. I have so many domains there that I don’t own anymore. The Sedo ones were marked so I’m presuming SH was trying to list them, so that’s great news about an upcoming syndication with Sedo! As @ablebrands wrote, sometimes domains can be listed by previous owners so please give us time to remove those if you find conflicts. Thanks.


I missed removing one from Afternic when it got upgraded from Basic to Premium. So sorry!!! I even went on Afternic after you posted this to check what I had on there and missed it! Thanks for the message telling me to remove it!


Thanks for the heads up, @AbleBrands . We are aware of this possibility, and have seen this situation with few domains. However we also now have the ability to detect which listings are currently setup with Fast Transfer, which is something that can only be done by the current listing owner.

We will certainly work with the sellers to ensure that their account standing is not impacted, as long as there is no intentional and repeated violation of our policies.


I also just sent email to afternic, and sent the screenshot of my email to SH, i hope afternic can handle it fast less than 7 days ugh. Anddd its not meee who listed it, the previous owner who did that wew.


Thanks @grant

Just got my email, like @Commulinks I’ve got names that I missed removing when upgrading. Out of 36 names, 11 were my fault. :blush:

Nice email, thanks!

For those wondering how to remove your names from other peoples account at Afternic (and for those that do not speak English):

email: service @

I own the following domains, but note they are listed on Afternic in various other user accounts. Kindly arrange to remove these domains from your platform.

My name, address and email is Firstname Lastname, Address 1, Address 2, email. The whois details of the domains above match my details.

If you need any further details from me, please let me know.

With thanks
Your Name

Email from the same address as your whois. If this is the first time you’ve done this, they may come back and ask you to screenprint your names in your registrar account to prove you own them, so be aware of that. If your whois is private, I suggest you add screenprints with your initial email since they will come back asking for them anyway.


How do you even go about finding what site they are listed on, in order to ask for them to be removed? I got an email that one of my domains was found on another site, I’m assuming from a previous owner but no mention of what site it was.


It was in the header of my email. Just above “hello name”

My email also says: As per Squadhelp’s Marketplace policies, sellers are not allowed to list their premium listings on third party platforms such as Afternic.


Actually there is some fuss and confusion about Afternic fast transfer in domaining community, we are not sure if fast transfer opt-in is canceled if the domain is pushed within same registrar (it should be), also sometimes user click the link in Afternic email by mistake (when you have hunderds of domains mistakes happen), here is a story of a domain that was sold by mistake through Afternic:

The domain was listed by someone else and then got sold and taken out from the account of the legit domain owner that had no idea what is going on :astonished:


Thank you @AbleBrands my email was the same - I just thought they were expecting me to guess which other platforms were out there like Afternic, lol. I’ve sent an email - thank you also for the email text suggestion, it was very helpful!