Reminder! Instant Recommendations / Marketplace

Just a quick reminder because I’ve just been caught out!

I’ve got a name approved in the marketplace for $1,499. This has just been pulled from instant recommendations into a $200 contest. I can’t really remove it because the CH is aware. I’ve just gone through my domains approved for instant recommendations and removed all those that have now been approved for the marketplace.

You may (or may not) want to do the same. Just reminding anyone that hasn’t thought about it that this can happen.


Does that mean there is a high rating on the name?

I am sorry that happened and thanks for letting us know @AbleBrands. I just recently removed my approval for all instant recommendations for different reasons that I can’t mention here. Thanks again.


No, it means it’s been approved for Instant Recommendations.

If you go to your my entries page there are several drop down menus across the top of the page. Go to Instant Recommendation Status and in the drop down menu choose ‘approved’. Those are the names that CH can pull into their contest if they want.

How did you removed it? did you go to the “Edit Classification”?

Yes, edit classification. Irritatingly, you still have to fill in a description and tags to remove it.

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Thanks for the heads up, Able!
I removed my permission for instant recommendations like ChristyMay did and probably for the same silent reasons.


I think I’ll probably do the same as you girls. I don’t think one has ever won a contest and it’s hard to keep track!

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@AbleBrands Thank you!

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