"Related Keywords" marketplace classification

Has there been guidance on the new “Related Keywords” option for classifying domains for the marketplace?

I haven’t seen any guidance and couldn’t find any when searching. How does it work, how does it affect searches, is there a limit to how many can be entered, and that sort of info? Thanks!


This is not a problem for a single domain.
But this is a big problem for domainers with large portfolios. Filling in a new field will take about a lot of dozens days. I think the SH team should instruct AI to automatically fill in this field. And only then each domainer will be able to make adjustments.


I understand the will be a massive undertaking & exponentially so the more domains one has. That is part of why it is important to understand clearly from the start how this will all work so no one has to go back and re-do it.

I love your idea to have AI auto fill and then the domainers would only have to make adjustments. That wold be a huge time saver.


Based on the experience of selling on other sites, I believe that related keywords are necessary. This will facilitate the work of both the domainer and the client who wants to purchase a domain according to the specified parameters. I have several hundred domains available and entering related keywords will be a problem for me. I can’t imagine how hard it will be for domainers who have several thousand domains :0)

As mentioned in another thread, this addition doesn’t seem considerate of sellers’ time to me.

Many of us have already invested massive amounts of time classifying our names. Adding an entirely new category with maybe 10 or 15 keywords will create a major problem for anyone with a large number of names on the marketplace.

Beyond the extreme amount of time it will take sellers to process this:

*the dropdown to access these keywords is, at the moment, extremely slow, making it nearly impossible to use. [Update: this has now been fixed :+1: ]

*the “related keyword” options are often not at all relevant to the name – why don’t we have the freedom to choose these keywords ourselves? [Update: this has now been fixed :+1: ]

I appreciate Squadhelp’s regular innovations and efforts to improve the marketplace.

However, changing the classifications in such a major way after many of us have already invested hundreds of hours in classifying our names does not seem right.

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I would not trust the AI to do this well. It doesn’t work well for contests. And, if you have blends or made-up names, I am sure it will not work. Yes, this is a ton of work.

I have to say here that I believe the search has not been working well. Names are not being found.


I just discovered by trying it out that there is a limit of 12 keywords. And BrandLander was right, it is currently extremely cumbersome to add each word.

The conclusion is obvious: we need to ask the SH team to remove this innovation, as it creates a lot of problems.

I was working on some today and then I reached one where it wouldn’t bring up the words.

I think we need much more info. I’m not advocating for getting rid of it and wouldn’t want that without knowing more about how it works and will be used and how it can be made easier for established domains.


A weird thing happened just now. I went back to the name I was trying to work on before when I couldn’t bring up the words and it has a bunch of words that I not only did not put in there, but that have nothing whatsoever to do with the name. The name is FIVANTA.com - you tell me…
Did AI do this? What does AI know?
Edit 2: Oh! I see now, SH just added keywords to all my names that did not have them already…some of them are the same exact words as the example I gave and some are not. Oh man, this makes it harder now. And now, I am not able to add any. You can remove all those words that have nothing to do with the name, but you can’t add.


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I’m going through and checking mine. One of the few advantages of being a small seller is I can do that in a reasonable amount of time. So far, the Ai seems to have done well. However, I have one name with the root word “influence”; three of the generated keyword suggestions are Man, Men, and King. Lol, not sexist at all.


Thanks for all your feedback so far. Here is some additional context related to this feature that you might find helpful.

Why are we adding Related Keywords?

As the marketplace evolves, we believe that our search solution needs to continue to evolve in order to ensure that buyers have the ability to discover the most relevant domains for their use case. In the case of Brandable domains, we believe a static keyword based search solution is not enough. This is an area where we will continue to invest significant effort to ensure a dynamic and relevant search experience that maximizes the exposure for domains.

In the past, several sellers have used a “keyword stuffing” approach to populate the description in order to rank their names for many keyword searches. Not only does that lead to a poor customer experience for buyers, it also opens the room for misuse where certain sellers may use this technique to achieve an unfair advantage in ranking their names.

Moreover, having the list of additional keywords opens up additional exposure and discovery opportunities for your domains (not only in Search, but also in our AI based recommendations)

The Related Keywords feature will allow us to move to the next stage of AI based discovery and further improve the relevance of names for our buyers.

Do I have to manually come up with the Related Keywords?

No. In most cases, our AI will provide the recommended keywords for your domains. We have spent quite a bit of effort in building the AI to detect possible keywords for each domain, based upon the root words linked to the domain. These keywords are the most popular words that best correlate with the root words, based upon the buyer’s search data. Some of these keywords may not make sense, but since these are determined based on aggregated search data, we see a strong correlation between these keywords and the root words associated with the domain.

The AI will never be 100% but we believe it provides a good starting point for most domains. Sellers have the ability to further fine tune the keywords by editing them or they can leave the ones that are suggested by AI.

Once you have edited the keywords, the AI will never overwrite your work.

How will related keywords be used in search?

Currently these keywords are not being used in search. In the near future, our search algorithm will also consider these keywords to showcase relevant names based upon what the buyer is searching for. We will always give a higher priority to the root words and the possible uses but these keywords will allow additional opportunities for your names to be discovered in searches where they were not appearing before.

Our AI technology will also use this information to further improve our recommendations for buyers based upon their browsing experience.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback, and we encourage you to continue to share any constructive suggestions, so that we can continue to improve our platform.


I like the feature, for the most part. It does seem some words are frequently suggested (red, blue, men, man, boy, king) when they really are not a good fit. I have yet to run across any feminine keyword suggestions (woman, girl, queen), so maybe find a way to tweak that.
I do understand the need for keywords and honestly, once the right words are chosen it has great potential to increase discoverability.


Same here - I tried to edit the keywords but was unable to pick any new ones. I like the feature though and does help speed up the process with the AI.


…and fixed - had to clear the cache on my browser (thank you Angelo :slight_smile: )


I have almost 600 domains in my portfolio. It’s impossible to add keywords for all my domains… I hope AI to do that… :sleepy: :scream:

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If the AI adds keywords, anyone who cares about optimizing their classifications will have to go back and review all of these keywords.

So if it takes 2 minutes per name to review and optimize these keywords, that’s still 2000 minutes for someone with 1000 names on the platform (33.33 additional hours of work).

I would think there would be ways to enhance the search without adding long hours to our workload, especially when we have already invested many hours to do the classification work.

One thing that might help us process these faster is if we could add and edit these keywords via Google Sheets.


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This is a really good idea, because the SH user interface does not allow us to massively select domains with one Primary Category, but everything is easily visible in the Google sheets and we can easily make adjustments

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@grant As mentioned above, please add the ability to update this section in Google Sheets.