Rejection Depression Syndrome (RDS)


I am wondering how many SH coins I need t buy Redemify??? Anyone know? Or can I just use points? In which case, I am POSITIVE I do not have enough points! How do I get a LOT more points???

Seriously, folks, all this talk about a support group makes me feel like we need a SquadCon!

How about the first SquadCon in the middle of the US over here in COLORADO???

Hey @Grant and @Dan @Darpan - SquadCon sounds like a Super fun idea!

PS: I would LOVE so much to meet (in person) so many of my friends on SH at a SquadCon!

And @AvramChe MUST do a stand-up comedy routine at squadcon or I will want my coins back.


Oh I would sooooo love to attend a “Squadcon” !! Hopefully by the time one exists I would have enough points to pay for my superboosts so I can sell my domains to pay for my flight from Australia! :joy::joy: I would love to meet the SH Team and my fellow creatives one day.


Maybe a coctail or two?


Lolllll! Avremche I think us namers would make great ad campaingers


“For When Chaching Went Kaboom”


Yeah you can see why Im losing these days, lol.


I want to move to Colorado. Be careful I might just move in :joy:
How many SquadoCoins are covered by airfare :thinking: Or is that a tax write off… travels for business


BOY-O-BOY!!! Should have removed my names when I started feeling the symptoms coming on…NOW EXPERIENCING FULL BLOWN RDS🥵🥵🥵


I believe RDS is extremely contagious. Make sure you are wearing your mask at all times!

PS: There is absolutely no science to back up anything I have said. LOL. I am not an infectiologist and I do not work for the CDC. >>Insert 1/2 point font disclaimer here.


FEEL GOOD MOVIES - as temporary clinical trials for treatment of RDS

On the weekend, I saw a fantastic feel-good movie based on a true story about a writer who grew up in Luton, England in the '80s, experiencing significant hardship and decides to pursue his writing talents after being inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen. It definitely put a smile on my face. I’ll include the wikipedia link here for anyone who needs a little ‘SPRINGsteen’ in their step (sorry couldn’t help it) after all those sad face emojis. Enjoy!


Lol…I got ya on above post…and I got a fever of A 100 & Zero;)…:slight_smile:


But do you play one on TV? :rofl:


I’ve been diagnosed with RDS by my primary care physician. I’m told it’s the worst case she’s ever come across. The head banging at the sight of orange faces, the loss of sleep, the broken pencils, the smashed keyboards, the voice impairment from screaming, I could go on with my suffering but I will spare you my agonies. It’s terrible people, my doc does not know the treatment for it. It wasn’t until I came across Lorineggshells who prescribed chocolate and a hot cup of herbal tea that I started to have relief from symptoms. It’s cured my repulsion for the color orange. I don’t see frowny faces swirling in my head while I sleep at night. You too can lead a normal life. There’s hope. The only stress is picking between chocolateM&Ms or Hershey bar with almonds;Peppermint vs Chamomile tea. Be strong people and take that first step towards recovery!


Oh, Laura, I feel your pain with every character. Thanks so much for sharing everything you have tried.

My husband, who looks like a doctor, prescribed me some chocolate orange milano cookies. They helped so much with the depression and the orange aversion. They work similar to new therapies for peanut allergies, giving some exposure to orange so my body can build an immunity to the orange. That was working great until I experienced the side-effect of SOD (Scale overload disease). Now, I do live in Colorado and I could go to the Happy Camper dispensary to get a prescription, but I know that can lead to SOD as well so I am not taking that chance.

I will try the peppermint tea next instead of that other “T”.


I also think RDS has a companion syndrome, DAC (Dazed And Confused). That’s what you experience on seeing the eventual contest winning entry, and realize it (seemingly) had nothing to do with the contest brief you were following… They really, really wanted a short name but the winner is 18 characters long. The wanted an “intriguing & unexpected” name and the winner is solidly traditional and generic sounding. They were really engaged in the contest with lots of last minute messages, looking for “The One”, and then, nothing…(silence and an abandoned contest). I could go on, but I’m sure you can fill in plenty more aspects to DAC syndrome!


:scream: you mean your doctor husband put you in a clinical trial study without protection?


LOLOLOL. Yes, he did. We are trailblazers.


Laura you so completely crack me up :joy::joy::joy:


lol,lol,lol,for miles and smiles:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wine and ice cream my friends… WINE & ICE CREAM…had a bit of both, then looked back at my contest wins. Made me giggle when I realized I have a naming niche. My wins consist of Cannabis, Booze & Adult Toys! Watching my husband crack up got me over my RDS. Although it’s only been three days, symptoms seem to still be at bay. I’ll keep you posted on the long term effects lol