Rejection by missing info from CH


I would like to make a suggestion about orange faces. I need to do it by way of an example. Sometimes, a CH has left out extremely important info in their brief. (i.e. don’t use this word or words like it or stay away from terminology in this area.) Then they go on a mass-rejection spree, not realizing that every rejection counts against us AND it is a total waste of time for them if they didn’t want those terms.

There were a mechanism that would only allow rejections after the CH has rated in other categories and/or a popup when they have rejected a bunch of names that tells them they need to send a message to everyone before they can rate any more entries?

This happens a LOT and when a creative gets on a roll with ideas it wastes our time and the CH’s time a LOT.

Thanks for considering. I guess you know what just happened to ME!



Educating CHs on how to best use SH for optimum outcomes is currently a top priority with us. We are looking at many ideas like this, and I will certainly add this in.

Thanks :smile:

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Thank you! And did I mention, Thank you?!

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I would like to add something to that, kind of the reverse: I’m bothered by the CHs who specifically ask for certain words and then reject all entries that include those words, even if they meet all the other criteria. Why make the suggestion, then?


Very good point, @auntshommy! I have always wondered about that, too. Why not at least an “on the right track”?

But we are forgetting something very important, we are ALL HUMAN, we have different personalities and ways of how to approach a situation or problem. I understand that the behavior of some CH is annoying and must be sincere with the terminology that is given. Maybe SH can help to educate the CH about this problem a little more, as it is suggesting @commulinks.

As a personal experience I have seen CH that ask for a certain word, and when you write an idea with the word that the CH suggested, they do not like it, but the next day they change the rating up to 3 times, yellow face, orange face, blue face and then orange face again, as well as situations where the CH looks for an “organic” word and you give an organic word and then the winner has nothing to do with an organic word hahahaahahahah.

PD: Sorry for my bad english :frowning:


There is also a situation where a ch will ask us not to use certain words but they end up winning>This virtually guarantees that anyone who follows the rules will not win .


Yep! - This drives me absolutely Bonkers :confounded:


I kid you not…


CH wants a single named publication thing, but everythignis gone in domain searches…lol

They seem open to something new, and new phrasing, but not my experience…

I just did a bunch of name research for free, and the CH gets to chose from 499 other namers…And the CHs have access to your ideas to use later…CHs should be restricted to 50.

I like to keep an open mind in this regard. Are they CATEGORICALLY telling you that they don’t want a certain word or just that they prefer not to use that word, in which case an exception MAY be made if you can hit all the right notes with a name submission.

Here’s an example… :grimacing:


Yes, AlwriteyThen - I’ve seen this a few times, and it makes me crazy. I try so hard to follow the rules, then someone who doesn’t wins. It also makes me nuts when you’re supposed to be naming a “brand”, but the CH picks a name that’s really a name for a “product” - or visa versa. The frustration level can get pretty high at times. :smile: And to be clear: I’m not complaining about any creative’s entries, just that the CH often doesn’t make it clear what they want.

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Making fun or ridiculing Contest Holders in our forum is a violation of our forum posting policy. Please review our policy to make sure your discussions comply with the policy.

Many CHs who use Squadhelp do not have a precise idea of the type of name they want. In fact, if they knew exactly what specific words to use, they would not need to use Squadhelp.

Furthermore, if a CH has shared a word they like, it does not mean that any submissions that include that specific word will automatically get a good rating. The ratings are based on whether or not the submitted name in its totality works for their business–if they believe the submission does not work well, they are certainly entitled to give it a No Thank You rating. In fact, we encourage the CHs to rate as many entries they can, so that creatives can receive a quick feedback on whether or not they are going on the right track or not.

Asking a CH to not give No Thank You ratings or freezing the ratings goes against our platform philosophy, and we are in fact working on more ways to encourage even more feedback from CHs.


Sorry Grant :disappointed: - Wasn’t making fun of or ridiculing the CH, just giving an example of the way they say they want one thing, then, they end up choosing something totally different.

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This frustration may partly be because we creatives have no crystal clear idea/insight how the contest holders operate. Maybe their initial opinion was influenced or over-ruled by team members, bosses, clients, friends, significant other’s etc as the contest progressed. Maybe they changed their minds upon seeing all the entries or were convinced that a previously held opinion was wrong upon further research/thought.

Wouldnt you expect them to change the brief though if they changed their mind ? Also I wonder why people would enter names the ch didnt want in the first place .

  • Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn - :smile:

I like this idea Commulinks. It would also be helpful if only a limited number of entries could be entered 200-300 for example. Until those were rated by the CH, there could be no more entered for their consideration. This way, creatives will have an idea on how to proceed to better help the CH. I know I’ve said it before but 6 or 7 extensions with the only feedback being 500+ no thank yous with maybe 2 on the right track when the contest is over is not in the CH’s best interests. Neither is the next extension that begins the charade anew. Although I’m fairly new here, I’m doing quite well so it’s not that. I just can’t help but wonder if creatives are being taken advantage of in such cases. That being said, thank you SH for this opportunity for CH’s and creatives alike. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months. Best of luck everyone!

I don’t understand when ch says google names before entering or that domain isn’t available. I’ve had several rejections, and when I followed the advice I find out the names are available. Very frustrating :frowning:

@Marye5 I think a lot of them want you to google because they want to make sure the name is not in use, not necessarily just available for a domain. Maybe they want to make sure the name isn’t present in social media sites. Also just because a domain is available does not mean that the name is. People tweak names to get available domains and sometimes the name is already trademarked.