Rejected unreg names


I have several rejected unreg names but they do well in contests. What should I do?


Seriously, nothing gets approved. And I see the names recently sold and can only smh.


Maldo, don’t give up, keep trying and as someone else has mentioned study the ones that have been approved to get the ‘feel’ of what SH approves of. I had a name I thought was stellar and premium domain material but it was rejected, but a name I thought would be rejected was approved. It’s crazy. Just keep trying


I have had the same problem names that were rejected by squadhelp as a premium domain, then it looks like squadhelp purchased the domain. When I look up domain in search it redirects to Squadhelp. But i dont know who bought it. Frustrating,


I’ve been having the same stinkin’ Issue, and it’s really bugging the daylights out of me. 99% of the time, when submitting an unregistered/non-SH contes name,I run the name thru Namecheckr, Whois and Bing as well as consulting SH’s own tutorial on what sort of names pass the sniff test. If the name checks out 100% clean as far as whether my suggested name is even remotely owned or parked on another service, you’d think that would be well and good enough.

You would be wrong,apparently.

So — exactly what is SH’s process @grant for deciding what names get greenlighted? I’m getting the overwhelming feeling that either it’s a very random process made on a single person’s own personal/arbitrary whim and preference, or someone’s is just blowing thru things to speed thru their workload. In the end, shouldn’t it be up to someone looking to buy a name to determine whether something fits, not the whim of one person’s personal tastes?

Seriously, I’ve submitted names that don’t exist anywhere — even the US Patent & Trademark Office —and even ones submitted to SH contests that get rejected on a very regular basis; and it’s making me wonder what the deal is here.


@cindyhart1969 As stated previously, SH does not register domains without explicit permission of the creative. If you are seeing a domain is registered, it is likely it is owned by another creative and listed on SH. However if you are concerned about any specific names, please share those names via blue button and our team can look into them.

@JustScott You are correct. The process is subjective and there will certainly be times when our team makes the wrong decision in approving or rejecting the names. However we try to apply our best judgement based upon our understanding of the customers. We also revisit our assumptions every few months based upon our ongoing learnings. The Premium Domain Marketplace will continue to be highly curated so that we can showcase only those styles of names that we believe our customers are looking for. This helps improve the discovery of the names, and ensures that customers do not get overwhelmed with too many options that are not a good fit for them.

If you strongly feel that one of your names should have been approved in the premium marketplace, you can use the “Request Review” feature and provide a further explanation.


DI don’t disagree at all, @grant. However, if SH did give us an inkling — any inkling — why Marketplace entry names are rejected, it might actually help you guys out in the long run. We ((I) aren’t looking for a personal explanation — just some basic idea/reason. I can live with a canned check box. It beats nothing at all. And really, I don’t mind thing twice or three times about a submission. Just give me a clue, yeah?

For instance, if I have 20 names rejected and you’ve given me no inkling why, I’m likely going to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again. Not only does that waste your time and effort reviewing, but it wastes my time and points as well.

This is not me crabbing sour grapes at all. I get it. Thing is, I want to submit killer Marketplace names. But if I don’t have Clue One why my names get shot down, I have no basis On which to improve the quality of the ones that come later, do I?

BTW, I have used the Request Review option, in one instance, and made my additional case for that particular name. I didn’t get any more insight into the second rejection than I did the first because the second was a flat-out rejection without comment. So it’snot Like that measure helped much at all, at least in that case.



Your feedback is valid however we just do not have the resources and staff at this point to provide reasons why domains were not accepted. Our main goal is to ensure an extremely rapid approval/ review process and providing such reasons would significantly slow down the review and approval process. In addition, as others have added, the generic reasons haven’t proven to be very helpful in the past.


OTOH, just because I was SMH enough, I resubmitted a rejected domain name of mine for a re-review the other day (and not expecting much, to be honest) but upon that, it was accepted today. I was genuinely and nicely surprised by that. I wouldn’t submit probably 99.9% of my rejections for re-review (as much as I’d love to), but the one or two that you know deep down is totally viable (especially if it fulfills every single
Thing/element in the SH article), resubmit it for review.

That said, @grant: How much more workload does doing that sort of thing place upon you guys? Perhaps sometime in the future, someone could write up something that outlines for us exactly how the process works on the judges’ end. Maybe if we knew what you guys go thru, people like me would be more well-informed and maybe think a lot harder about our submissions. I imagine there’s a good bit that goes into the process,but I have no idea what that process is.